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Just want to thank my instructor Imran for the job he did, giving me the confidence to be perseverant in passing my test. He was patient, challenged me mentally and helped me to be really nit picky with habits in order to become the best driver I could. I couldn't imagine a more fitting instructor to guide me through the process. Thanks so much!
I would like to give a big thank you to Sam who was y sou source of practice and tutoring with driving! He's very kind, patient, funny, a wonderful teacher and a very friendly guy. He will be my first and only recommendation to anyone starting to take lessons in the leeds area. Thank you Sam and MJ driving!
I would like to give a huge thank you to Jon my driving instructor. Excellent teacher, made me feel at ease as I was nervous learning to drive. Very patient, friendly, good at giving feedback & constructive criticism. Passed 1st time, would definitely recommend
I would like to give a huge thank you to Bob, he was the perfect driving instructor constantly giving me all the tips and tricks in the book !, he was very good at giving the best feedback as well as constructive criticism which all lead to me passing first time with only 2 minors. He kept calm and patient throughout lessons and has nurtured my driving skills to become a confident and competent driver ! Thank you Bob
Finally passed my driving test today, after struggling with different instructors in the past. I would like to give a big thank you to my driving instructor, Hersh. Highly recommend him, great support throughout my lessons. Thank you Hersh for all the help!
Bob was a great driving instructor! Very calm and gave good directions and good teaching techniques, passed first time with him! thankyou.
Good value for money as well great teaching from the instructors
I’d just like to thank my driving instructor, Naila. She has been such great teacher and support throughout my intensive driving course. I passed first time with just 3 minors.
Thank you so much Naila for all of your help.
After failing my previous 3 driving tests a few years ago, i finally bucked up the courage to try it again with Bob at MJ Driving School. I told Bob my weaknesses and within a short amount of lessons he helped me overcome those weaknesses and nurtured my driving skills to become a confident and competent driver. I passed the first time with Bob and would highly recommend him for anyone looking not only to pass their test, but to also feel confident to tackle to roads confidently afterwards. Thanks Bob!
Highley reccomend Mr Arshed Lodhi. Passed first time. He is a calm and experienced instructor, and his teaching methods are very good.
After putting off my driving test for many years, and having over 5 different instructors, i began driving lessons again with 'Hersh' who is a totally cool and relaxed guy, super postive and friendly. He made me feel relaxed and confident. Totally recommend him, best instructor I've ever had. Finally passed lassed week ..yipee!! Thanks Hersh!
I would like to say a big thank you to my instructor, Maan, for helping me pass my driving test. I was having lessons on and off but still he was very patient and understanding, especially at times when i am ready to give up. He explains things very well and made sure that I understand it. Thank you!!
Arshed Lodhi is an experienced driving instructor and one I would highly recommend to first time learners and learners coming across from other driving schools. He's patient with your faults and determined to help you correct them to ensure you're a safe and competent driver. We drove in all areas of Leeds, to places I initially felt uncomfortable driving through but his reassurances and confidence in my skills went a long way in helping me overcome my fears of driving and boosted my self-confidence. Mr Lodhi's feedback is constructive and very helpful. I wouldn't have passed my test without his careful guidance and belief in me. For that, I am very grateful and I recommend him strongly.
Having moved all over the country with work, I had changed instructors a few times with relocation and got progressively more disillusioned and wondered if I would ever make it to the test. My experience with my last instructor with another school in Leeds was problematic and I actually left him because I couldn't cope with him. Fortunately, I moved house yet again. My new landlord (Azeem), an instructor with MJ Driving, who noticed how stress I was before and after my lessons took me on a free test drive to show me how a good lesson should feel like and he encouraged me to sign up with MJ Driving because I had totally lost my confidence....even that is an understatement! After that, I signed up to MJ Driving with instructor Pav. One could not have a better teacher, he is always teaching, encouraging, very patient and meticulous.This is the first time anyone has ever really taught me about cars, driving, eco-friendly driving and general money-saving habits that would go a long way. I passed my test first time today! Thank you very much Pav. I would strongly recommend Pav if you're the type that is nervous and feel totally lost and hopeless.
Having never had any previous lessons and getting on with age I got in touch with mj driving school to see about having Robert Ley as my instructor after a friend recommended him to me. I genuinely couldn't have asked for a better instructor to jump right in with.

Being anxious I was dreading learning to drive but Rob was patient, explained everything clearly and put me right at ease when he knew I was sresssing about not getting things right away. I passed on my third attempt after nerves getting the better of me the first 2 times. Rob was very flexible when it came to fitting in my lessons and was easy to get in touch with if anything changed. Couldn't recommend him enough.
Paul Wilton was a great instructor for my son Danny, who passed first time earlier this month. Related really well to a teenaged boy and kept him on the right track!
MJ Driving is an excellent company to learn to drive with. Jennifer was my instructor and she had the confidence in me when i myself didn't, she built me up and managed to pass first time in Harehills with only two minors (because of her incredible pass rate!).

Jen is a lovely & friendly instructor, with her you can do it!
I could not have asked for a better driving instructor, as Naila not only always kept me calm and made me believe in myself but she also worked with my strengths and helped me with my weaknesses. We always drove in different places so that i could feel confident in any situation which may arise. I went from not being able to move without stalling on the first lesson to passing on my first time in just over 30 hours of contact time. I would definitely recommend Naila to anyone who is looking to pass on their first diving test and become a strong independent driver.
Totally reccommend MJ Driving School and Robert Ley as an instructor, had been with two instructors prior to switching to MJ Driving School and felt most comfortable and like I developed as a driver fastest under Rob. He puts you at ease, is patient and I looked forward to the lessons.
Would 100% recommend Arshed as an instructor, very patient and understanding. I have had 3 instructors throughout my learning and he is by far the best and very clear with instructions.
I would highly recommend MJ Driving school and instructor Sam who is kind and patient.
I was a very nervous beginner and Sam put me at ease and instilled confidence in me and I passed first time. Thank you.
I passed my test first time in December, with Naila as my instructor. She was extremely good, and very flexible as I fit in all my lessons around my university commitments. She took me from never having driven before to passing in just over six months. Additionally, she was very calming when on the day of my test I was overcome with nerves. I would definitely recommend her to any student wanting to learn to drive in Leeds.
I have just passed my test with Russel from MJ Driving, he was my 3rd instructor, after being told I was the most head strong student my last instructor had in 25 years, I thought I was a lost cause, but Russel was calm, collect and got me through it, thank you.