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I couldn't recommend Arshad anymore as a driving instructor, he was absolutely fantastic and has a patient style that would be well suited for any student. I just passed my test today (27th September 2022) and would not have been able to do so without Arshad's help and encouragement.
Passed with only two minors thanks to Arsh's incredible teaching. We had great conversations, he covered all the material quickly and was ready to help even despite my choppy university schedule. Couldn't recommend enough!
Passed my test in Thornbury thanks to Shafiq! His motivation and belief in me to pass helped me gain confidence and I overcame the anxiety and stress I was feeling prior to starting lessons with MJ driving school. Shafiq values cleanliness, punctuality and feedback which I felt was extremely helpful! His friendliness and passion for his job allowed me to feel relaxed and comfortable during lessons and before the test and kept me calm. There has never been a second wasted in lessons with Shafiq - even at the end of the lesson he would go over every minor mistake I made so I would be sure not to repeat it. This allowed me to pass my test first time with him and I have no doubt in my mind that anybody else can do the same when taking lessons with him!
I passed my test recently with Shafiq. He is the best driving instructor I’ve had. He values cleanliness, punctuality and is very encouraging and patient. Shafiq taught me everything I needed to know and helped me get over any anxiety or worry I was having about my test. Without Shafiq I don’t think I could’ve passed in such little time but thanks to his motivation and support as well as his experience I passed smoothly!
Bob really helped me apply the knowledge learned in the driving lessons to help me pass my practical test first time today with 8 minors. He was very straight-forward and knew exactly what was needed to pass the practical test. Highly recommended!
Passed my driving test in Horsforth, with just one minor, thanks to Pav ! He was an excellent driving instructor his knowledge of the area and common test routes combined with the constant precise feedback was extremely helpful. Definitely would recommend.
Before taking lessons with ‘MJ driving school’ I felt anxious and lacked confidence. However, since doing lessons with Shar I felt comfortable and relaxed for my driving test. Although shar couldn’t be there on the morning of my test I was well prepared and had no doubt in my mind I wouldn’t pass and I did ! Shar is a well experienced and friendly instructor who I would highly recommend.
Special thanks to My instructor Lee, who always believed in me and boosted my confidence! The lessons were absolutely amazing and he never failed to make me laugh, I will definitely miss them !!
Passed yesterday in knaresborough with only five minors after just a few hours driving up there all thanks to Lee! Couldn’t thank him enough was great from start to finish massively built up my confidence, he talked me through everything I was unsure on and kept me calm even when I was nervy. Wouldn’t of asked for a better instructor.
Pav was brilliant! He helped me pass first time with 2 minors! He knows exactly what the examiners are looking for but also helps you develop driving skills to use forever. He was a great teacher and really helps you with areas you are nervous about. I couldn't recommend him enough!
Pav helped me pass today! Needed him to get me back to pass standard from a previous test, and he knew just how to tailor the lessons to make that work. Very thorough with the lessons and felt confident with Pav at my side. Would recommend MJ driving to help you get your license!
Just passed my practical test thanks to Mohammed Shafiq for such excellent guidance and also he taken me into critical points along with expected test routes which boosted more confidence, lucky I got same routes in test. He is very polite and experience instructor, definitely I would recommend.
Passed my test today with 2 minors, (a well deserved pass he said)- all thanks to my instructor Bob. Not only was he helpful in accommodating my last minute cancellation test, but he was always efficient - never a wasted lesson. From experience of previous instructors at another company, Bob was by far the best I’ve had. Nice car to learn in and clear instructions. Friendly service and easy to get along with, but most importantly patient with me when I needed it most!! Highly recommend x
* Big thanks to Fish *

I’ve had a number of driving instructors in the past, and Fish is honestly the best instructor I have ever had.

Fish is very friendly and patient. He genuinely teaches his students from the heart. I am really really glad to have had him as my driving instructor. He has given me a number of support and encouragement! Fish has professionally corrected all my bad driving habits from the past, and never ever has he shown frustration at all (Because I can be quite forgetful sometimes).

Fish is also an experienced driving instructor, and he is very familiar to all the driving test routes. He has greatly increased my confidence in driving. Thank you so much Fish!

I would highly recommend Fish to all learners!
A big shout out to Fish, I trained with Fish for about 25 hours before I took my Test and I passed with 1 Minor fault. During my 40 mins of the driving test, there was not a single mile of road that Fish had not taken me previously to practice upon. He is very soft-spoken and patient. He also is very aware of all the driving Test routes that might come on your big day. Highly recommend Fish.
I passed my driving test yesterday! Fish was my driving instructor and he is amazing. Very supportive, helped me with my confidence and improved my driving skills. I would definitely recommend Fish.
I passed my driving test yesterday! Fish was my driving instructor and he was an amazing instructor. Very supportive, helped me a lot with my driving skills and confidence. I would really recommend Fish.
Pav was my instructor. I passed first time. I was not confident before in driving. Pav is very patient and explained very detailed with me. I feel more confident now. Thanks to Pav!
Passed today after learning with Pav, cant speak highly enough about his teaching, very thorough and no stone left unturned. Great instructer
Just passed my driving test. PAV has been wonderful and very attentive to my learning and managed to help me with all my worries around driving. I would really recommend him!
Pav is excellent. Was readily available for 32 hours of intensive driving spread across 2 weeks to take me from a complete movie to ready to pass. Made the most of the time meaning quick progression and plenty of time left for practice/mock tests. Excellent teaching style using diagrams, clear explanations, constant feedback. Practice/lesson routes were identical to the test (Horsforth) - he was also available when I managed to pick up a cancellation. Cannot recommend Pav or MJ driving school enough. Cheers! Joe
I passed my test first time today thanks to Shafiq and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor he is amazing!
I had no experience in driving manual at all and he taught me all the way up until I was test ready and was always patient with me whenever I would get frustrated or struggle on certain areas and he made sure that I was comfortable before moving onto other things. He’s always on time and takes pride in his presentation of his car, it’s always clean and tidy. He knows exactly what it is that you need to do in order to pass because he’s very experienced and passionate about his career and his pupils and he always wants the best outcome for you in your driving journey and what more can you ask for. I’m over the moon with how much he has helped me to become confident in driving manual and I cannot recommend him enough. Thanks so much Shafiq i wish you all the best!
I passed my test first time yesterday and cannot recommend Shafiq and MJ Driving School enough!
I came to Shafiq with about 25 hours of previous driving experience, and I had a test booked for 10 days after our first lesson together!
He was very accommodating and professional and told me exactly what I needed to work on to pass the test in such a short time. He knew the test very well and helped me become a more confident and competent driver.
He was always on time and communicated well between lessons. He explained things clearly and in great detail which helped me a lot. He's very passionate about his career and really wants you to succeed so he makes sure to cover all areas, even in such a short period of time like with me.
Cannot recommend him enough, thank you again for all your help!
Pav has been a great instructor throught my learning, he provides consistant feedback and easy to understand explanations. He prepared me exellently to pass my test !
Pav is a top instructor, he gives constant feedback whilst you’re driving so when it comes to the test you’re so precise.

Pav is my 3rd instructor over the years and I can’t recommend him enough.
I passed my driving test at Harehills/Leeds for the first time yesterday (6th June 2022), after having lessons with Fish since the end of March. He advised two x 1.5 hour lessons a week and I think this helped me progress quickly.

I am 32, so learning to drive a bit later than some! As such, I chose to learn in an automatic car (also because my husband’s car happens to be automatic, so this made sense). As I am a parent, I just wanted to get on with it and learn quickly and I didn’t have to worry about gears! I was quite nervous to start with, but Fish has been excellent and taught me the very basics, as well as many tips and steps to complete manoeuvres safely.

Fish has always been professional, friendly and put me at ease from the get-go. He was always on time for our lessons. I felt I was learning and progressing with each lesson, even when I felt I wasn’t ‘getting it’ and would have a ‘bad’ lesson where I’d make mistakes. He would always explain the error with patience and reassurance and we would try again. He would also test my theory and ask questions about the roads, safety etc.

I would absolutely recommend MJ Driving School to anybody learning to drive — and Fish for automatic driving lessons. There is absolutely no shame in learning automatic if that works for you and it doesn’t make you any less of a driver.
After having a bad experience with my first instructor I started learning with Pav. He was extremely patient, put me at ease and made me confident on the roads. I passed today and couldn’t recommend him enough!
After my previous driving instructor stopped teaching in Leeds I was nervous to find a new one, but I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Shafiq! I passed first time with only one minor thanks to all of his help. He is really patient and professional, highly recommend! His teaching method clearly works and taught me to feel confident in my ability to drive. You can tell he really wants the best for his students and is very invested in your driving journey. Super trustworthy and kind! Highly highly highly recommend!!
Thanks to Craig I passed 1st time. Was really helpful with helping me learn to drive, always on time and gives clear, easy to understand instructions. I was very nervous too but he gave me the confidence I needed to succeed, would definitely recommend, great guy.
Thanks to Arshad Lodhi, my driving instructor for helping and supporting me get my licence. I passed with just one minor mistake. I would not have done it without him. He was very nice and patient throughout my time with him. Thanks for giving me the confidence to drive, for putting up with me and for making me a competent driver. I am now a confident Parallel driver!!
Taken me 12 years to finally pass on the third time, and finally found Pav as an instructor who got me a pass with 2 minors! Not only that he actually taught me how to drive safely. Can’t recommend him enough - bloody lovely guy to boot.
I took driving lessons with Naila and I am very happy to say that I passed first time with only 2 minors! After putting driving lessons off for years, I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Naila who made me feel at ease from the very first lesson. Her level of teaching is amazing for all types of learners using verbal and visual aids to thoroughly explain the ins-and-outs of driving, and keeping a note of each lesson for a brief reminder the following lesson of any re-occurring mistakes that need to be corrected. Also, Naila’s organisation really helped me feel prepared and confident for my test, nothing was ever done last-minute, and she was always on-time!
Her patience with me over the last few months has been incredible as she has been extremely accommodating around my other commitments making sure that she could always fit me in for a two-hour lesson each week! Not only this, she is kind, caring and funny - I really enjoyed my driving lessons which is an experience I never thought I would have!
If you are considering taking driving lessons in the Leeds area, I would highly recommend learning with Naila from MJ Driving School - affordable, reliable and enjoyable.
Thank you so much Naila for all your hard work!
I'm very happy to have passed my driving test first time this morning!
My instructor, Shafiq, prepared me well for the test and was a great instructor all-round. He was able to give me lessons which fit around my busy, changing work schedule and was always on time.
I also appreciated that Shafiq respected the COVID guidelines and took the health and safety of myself and his other students seriously.
I had no driving experience when I first started lessons, so Shafiq did a good job of being patient and professional.
Thank you for all your help!
I had refresher courses with Shafiq, they helped a lot with gaining confidence to get back on the road. Shafiq was friendly, patient and a good teacher and I would definitely recommend him.
I texted MJ driving school about availability for refresher lessons. They immediately responded with prices and availability and offered to book me an initial lesson. I had a lesson with Shafiq, who was a very friendly and relaxed guy, and a patient teacher. I've had lessons over the last 2 months with him, and have gained the confidence to begin driving again. I'd definitely recommend Shafiq as an instructor.
Just finished refresher lessons with Shafiq, now feel confident to get on the roads independently. Lessons were well structured and enjoyable.
Decent driving school. Helped me pass first time.
Finished my refresher driving lessons today with Shafiq and now feel very confident to drive independently. The lessons were well structured and provided me with everything I needed practice on, highly recommend.
Passed my test after just 7 lessons thanks to Fish. Fish is the best instructor I have learned with and taught me everything in the best way possible. Passed first time with only 3 minors couldn't fault his teaching methods
I passed this afternoon first time with Pav! Pav is an amazing instructor - he explains everything so well and has so much patience and knowledge, a true driving expert! I had two instructors before that let me down but Pav saved the day and was excellent at preparing me for the test. Fully recommend him.
I began taking lessons in November 2021, and passed my test today first time in Wakefield thanks to Daryl! The progress I saw with him over the course of 6 months was astounding, so a big BIG thank you to Daryl!

He is a fantastic instructor - always so patient, thoroughly explained everything (verbally + with visual aids), and would identify and correct any areas that needed improvement immediately which was immensely helpful in becoming a safe driver. He really helped to build my confidence. The lessons themselves were incredibly affordable, super friendly and always professional. I would definitely recommend Daryl - thanks a million!!
I passed my test today with PAV an absolute brilliant instructer guided me through key points to pass my test was very helpful highly recommended thank you PAV.
Pav is an amazing driving instructor! He doesn't just make sure you're passable, he makes sure you're going to survive on the roads! He is strict and that's a good thing because you will be an excellent driver by the end. Thanks for everything Pav!
I passed my test today and had Shafiq as my driving instructor who prepared me well. He was very professional in his teaching throughout all my lessons and very negotiable to lesson times that best suited my schedule. He also kept the car clean and took all the precautions necessary during the times of COVID restriction. I would highly recommend him as he was very patient and helped me to reach a confident driving standard.
Thank you Shafiq
My driving instructor was PAV. He made me feel calm and confident throughout my lessons and when it came time for my test, despite my nerves, he filled me with the confidence that I could pass, nothing to worry about. Passed first time with 2 minors and I’m chuffed.
I've not had the best experience with driving instructors in Leeds, so I was lucky to finally get a great one like Shafiq. He's patient, thorough, consistent and helped me to pass first time with only 4 minors! Very pleased and would definitely recommend him to friends and family
Shafiq provided a highly professional and customised experience for driving lessons. The car was maintained to a high standard, and Shafiq ensured excellent COVID-19 safety throughout my driving lessons from September 2021 to February 2022 when I passed on my first attempt at the UK practical driving test for a manual transmission car.

Shafiq's driving lessons were consistently well planned and tailored to specific aspects for improvement in my driving practice, while also ensuring thorough coverage of all components of the test including driving through test areas, show me/tell me questions, and all manoeuvres. Shafiq has precisely honed reference points to work through manoeuvres with confidence and composure. Throughout, Shafiq's feedback is positive while attentive to the detail needed for a pass on the practical test. Shafiq was punctual and always in good communication between lessons and created a friendly and cordial environment for learning during driving lessons.
A big thank you to Arshed for helping me pass at Harehills test centre. I had several previous driving instructors but Arshed was the best one. Arshed was the only one I had who kept a written file and would do a short brief before and after each lesson. This kept us organised and efficient with valuable lesson time. I'd had instructors before who would completely forget what we worked on in the previous lessons.

Arshed was also very patient and never lost his cool, which I'd also experienced with other instructors. His lessons were the least stressful for me, and I saw the most progress in my driving with him.

If you are reading this, I highly recommend learning with him. Hopefully your learning experience will be as positive as mine.
Passed today first time with Pav! Great lessons, can't to wait to get driving some more.
Passed my test on the first time, very happy with my results. Affordable and made fun by pav I would totally keep learning with them if I needed to. And will recommend to anyone.