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Passed the first time with one minor fault thanks to my instructor Shafiq! Not only did he give me the whole "map" to routes and knowledge of the ins and outs of the procedure of the test to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the big day, but he took a personal interest in me passing the test and motivated me to be a better driver. Shafiq was punctual, flexible with lesson times (as I work nights) and never lost his temper (which was definitely not easy at times๐Ÿ˜…). I would highly recommend MJ Driving School and Shafiq in particular to any learner drivers in and around the Leeds area!
passed my driving test today first time after having lessons with Ahmad. couldn’t recommend enough, such a helpful and supportive instructor !!
Just passed my test today and Lee had been helping me with learning to drive. Highly recommend, very helpful and easy to get along with! Thankyou Lee!
Iqbal was exactly the instructor I needed, he made me feel confident whilst driving, but was firm enough when I made mistakes. And when I was ready he didn't try to get any more lessons out of me but was instead supportive. 10/10 recommend.
I passed my driving exam first time,with only one minor,all thanks to a brilliant driving instructor Wayne.Been with Wayne right from the beginning,he’s firm and fair,very knowledgeable.Gets you ready for the big day.
I would highly recommend Wayne to anyone.
And again a big thankyou! to Wayne.
Iqbal was my instructor and he was absolutely brilliant. I'd had a really bad experience with my previous instructor who really knocked my confidence and made me feel like I was a rubbish driver. Iqbal was great at helping to improve my driving while also really increasing my confidence. He was really supportive while also providing me with constructive criticism and making sure I understood any mistakes I had made. Thanks to Iqbal I passed first time with only two minors.
Had an amazing experience learning to drive , I was very happy with it , with very clear instructions and safe practice and felt safe the full time whilst learning , also gave full explanations of everything , I managed to pass first time ! - Pav
Shafiq is a very friendly and patient instructor who made me feel more confident driving. He went out of his way to secure a hire car for my driving test a few days before the test, when his own car suddenly broke down, and was able to pass first time. He made sure he was prompt to lessons and the car was always thoroughly clean! Thank you Shafiq!
I have been learning with Shafiq for my driving lessons. After having previous bad experiences with driving instructors, it was so nice to finally have an instructor who was patient and understanding of my struggles. He was always on time for lessons and always reassured me when I wanted to give up with driving. For anyone who is an over-thinker and worrier like myself, Shafiq is an excellent instructor who will encourage you when you have doubts of your ability. If I can pass the driving test, anyone can! Thank you Shafiq. :)
Been driving with Pav , felt confident and relaxed now and have passed. Cheers Pav.
I highly recommend my instructor Shafiq. I signed up for refresher lessons and in only a few weeks I gained the confidence and skills to drive by myself. Every lesson with Shafiq I was being constantly tested which in turn made me feel I was improving with each lesson.
Sharif is an excellent driving instructor and you will be in very safe hands. Thank you Shafiq!
Just passed with Wayne. Highly recommend, very patient across all me lessons and very helpful.
Would highly recommend to anyone looking to start lessons
Passed first time thanks to Wayne, he’s a great driving teacher, He would help me identify my frequent mistakes and explain in detail how I would fix it. I highly recommend him as your instructor
On the 25th of February I passed my test with 4 minors in Horsforth. And it’s all thanks to Naila. Naila has been such an amazing instructor, she’s patient, understanding and explains everything thoroughly. Throughout my driving journey with Naila, we did loads of intensive courses which really sped up my understanding and confidence in driving. During our lessons Naila was fun and very interactive. We could talk about anything! And I’ll miss that, however I’m glad Naila helped me reach this milestone in my life.

For anyone looking for an instructor I recommend Naila you won’t regret it!
I still can’t believe I passed, thank you Naila!!!!
Just passed today with Bob! I haven't found it easy to learn and he was helpful in working on things with me to make sure I knew what I was doing.
I had Lee and passed within 7 weeks of starting. Exceptional quality of teaching and very friendly. Would recommend.
Pav was amazing I passed first time! The whole experience from start to finish he helped calm my nerves and made me the best driver I could be! Couldn’t recommend him enough, thank you!!
I would recommend anyone Mj driving school . Bob Hardy my instructor was an experienced driver and Very beneficial, who makes sure you are learning in each lesson . felt at ease as a rookie driver, but he isn't afraid to point out your mistakes. This is crucial because it instills in you the value of safe driving, which ultimately helped me pass my test first time . Strongly advised!
I couldn’t recommend MJ Driving School highly enough. Pav, my instructor, was absolutely fantastic. He regularly provided me with constructive feedback on how to refine my driving, and I noticed that after each lesson my driving was improving. Under his guidance, I passed my practical test first time and I now feel both confident and ready to drive independently. Anyone looking for lessons in Leeds, Pav is your man.
I had Imran for my driving lessons and he is ideal for new drivers. He’s friendly and uplifting while still ensuring improvement to make sure you have the best time and not just improve your quality of driving but improving your confidence aswell which is very useful. Alongside this he is open and kind with his personal side of things which makes you feel really comfortable with him knowing he is always looking out for you.
I used Bob Hardy for my lessons. Very helpful but also ensures that you are making good progress each on each lesson. Felt comfortable as a new driver but he isnt shy in telling you when you've made a mistake. This is very important as it ingrains you with safe driving which by extension, ensured I passed my test. High recommend!
Highly recommend Fish, brilliant instructor really patient, reliable and friendly. Helped me get from a beginner to a first time pass in a short time. Thank you!
Shafiq is a wonderful instructor that I would highly recommend. I had never had any experience driving and was very nervous but Shafiq was very patient with me, turning me into a confident driver. He is a very friendly guy but also takes his job seriously, caring for all his pupils. He made me feel relaxed in the car and prepared me well for everything I got asked to do in the test. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning to drive and am delighted to have passed with few mistakes. Thank you Shaf!
Pav was firm and fair, and I felt very safe an confident driving with him. Grateful to pass first time! Thanks a lot
I had Ahmad as a driving instructor. Great instructor and couldn’t ask for anyone better. He taught me to pass the test as well as to drive safely. Thank you!
I highly recommend Bob, his calm and clear approach was very reassuring and supportive; I enjoyed my lessons and learnt so much more with him than I did a previous instructor.
Nisar is a brilliant instructor with a lot of knowledge and patience. He communicates in a really encouraging and useful way and goes above and beyond to offer advice and tips. I used to be so nervous about driving on the motorway but he helped give me the understanding, training and skills needed for me to do this and I've already had my first trip by myself on the motorway.
Had a great, positive experience with Tirhas. Reassuring and only encouraged me to do the driving test once I was ready! Definitely recommend. Thank you!
Big thank you to Wayne for helping me pass first time. He was very patient with mistakes and quick to pick up on areas for improvement. Wayne had a flexible schedule which was great for me and didn’t ever rush my driving or progress. Thanks again!
Arshad was the best driving instructor I’ve had! The most patience an instructor has ever shown and made me feel very comfortable which helped me improve vastly in a short amount of time. Couldn’t have done it without his patience and guidance. THANKYOU !! :)
Massive Thanks to Fish for helping me pass after 30 hours,highly recommended as he is very patient and understanding.He is very good at recognising your areas of improvement- and will make sure to make you confident throughout your lesson and ready for your test no matter how many times it takes you to pass.Thanks alot Fish!
I had Ahmad as a driving instructor. He was clear, understanding and knew everything you needed to not only pass but to drive safely, highly recommended. I passed first time on around 8 lessons and he was an immense help.
What an amazing instructor. Got me through my test 1st time on 38 hours of lessons. No minors. He was so patient and understanding.
I would highly recommend him.
Thank you so much.
My experience with Wayne from MJ Driving School has been a very positive one. Wayne took me through the steps slowly and patiently, allowing me to learn to drive at my own pace. With very flexible schedules I managed to fit my lessons around school and work. I couldn’t recommend Wayne enough. I managed to pass my practical exam first time with only one minor.
I had Ahmad as a driving instructor from June to December when I passed and he was patient, nice and a very good instructor who always knew where you went wrong and how to correct it.
Wow! I've just passed. I recommend Mr Habtu for patient automatic teaching!
I passed my driving test at horsforth on the 6th Dec 2022 with the help of Fish. He is a very good instructor who thought me how to drive good and not just to pass an exams. I booked him just once every week in three months even that l use to cancel most of my lessons. He is very patient and professional. Thank You Fish.
I started driving lessons with Naila not too long ago. I had 23 lessons with another instructor prior to Naila. However I still wasn’t confident with driving, I’ve done about 6-7 hours with Naila so far and I’ve noticed that I’ve gained confidence and my driving skills have got much better. Naila is very patient, good at explaining things, makes everything as simple as she can, she’s also very friendly and very welcoming. No words can possibly describe how lovely Naila is, I’m very happy having her as my instructor. I’d recommend Naila to anyone who is looking for an instructor to start lessons with, you won’t regret it!
I want to say a BIG Thanks to Fish, the only instructor l booked since l arrived in the UK. He thought me how to drive good and not just to pass an exams. l went on the road with him for just three months, which l book him once a week even sometimes l dont. l passed my Test 0n 6th December 2022 at Horsforth. Thank you FISH.
I would definitely recommend Naila from MJ driving school to anyone who is wanting to start lessons. I chose to do an intensive course and passed first time with only 2 minors after having a course of lessons over 6 weeks with Naila! I am so pleased with my results and can’t believe how fast I was able to pass! Naila was professional and friendly throughout our lessons and I have really enjoyed driving with the support of Naila. She recommended I brought a notepad to our lessons which she would draw diagrams and jot down key points to remember which benefitted me massively in my learning as I could review and revise these after each lesson. She was super friendly and her strategies and way of explaining things were clear and concise. Naila also was able to work around my uni schedule and work which was amazing! I would 100% recommend Naila from MJ driving school to anyone thinking about starting lesson! Thank you Naila!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
A really anxious driver who’s been through a few instructors and not felt comfortable or reassured but Naila has really helped me and helping me build my confidence in my ability and teaching me good techniques to help me get test ready.
I passed a couple of days ago and my instructor was Naila. I have had many other instructors in the past and I’ve got to say she is really good, she thought me how to be a better and capable driver.

No instructors has ever taken their time to explain why certain things are done like that, but she really took her time to explain the reasons in order for me to also be a better driver when I get my own car.

She is flexible with hours and has never disappointed during lessons, even when I had a couple of bad days she was always kind and didn’t make me feel like I was moving backwards. Although I could drive a car before starting my lessons with Naila I was absolutely terrified of driving, but she made such a confident driver and I am so grateful for that.
So thankful to Shafiq who helped me pass my driving test first time! He was a very patient and thorough teacher and had great patience with me, taking time to explain things if I was struggling. Shafiq is very polite, punctual and professional and I can’t thank him enough for getting me through each lesson smiling, resulting in a first time pass :)
Passed my test today in Horsforth with Pav! Pav was so supportive and helped me from go from being a very (!!!) nervous driver to being able to pass second time! Can’t say thanks enough for all the patience, reassurance and laughs. I’ll take Pav’s words of wisdom with me when I’m driving independently. I honestly can’t say thanks enough - great guy and great teacher. Thanks for everything Pav!!! :-)
I honestly cannot put into words how amazing Shafiq has been over the last year and a half. I came to him for lessons after I had given up following a bad experience with an old instructor that left me scared to drive. I got the courage to go for lessons again and I couldn't have wished for a better instructor. From day one Shafiq knew how much it meant to me to gain my driving license, working for a Television Production Company, and having family in Wales that didn't drive, and a mother with disabilities, getting my licence was so important to me. Shafiq shared my dream with me, and even when times were hard and I cried in the car and wanted and give up, he didn't let me. He believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and I passed 1st time with only 1 minor! It still feels like a dream but I couldn't have done it without him. If anyone is wanting to learn to drive, Shafiq will get you through. I've stayed on for a few weeks of advance lessons with him, because I know he'll make me the best driver I can be! I'll never be able to say thank you enough Shafiq for everything, we did it!
Huge thank you to Ahmad who helped me to pass my driving test first time with only 2 minor faults!

In July, I had never been behind the wheel of a car before and I didn't have access to a parent's car to practice in whilst learning. After a few months of lessons with Ahmad I passed this week! Ahmad is a calm and attentive instructor who will always strive to make you a better driver.
An extra thank you Ahmad for getting up for the 7:13am test slot and giving me an early morning lesson the day before to practice driving in the dark!
So I had lessons between May and December 2021 but I thought I'd leave a review to say that Naila was truly a phenomenal instructor for me. She was flexible with sessions and had a concise lesson plan so I had a good idea of where I was with my driving. She taught me from being pretty much a complete beginner to passing my test which felt so surreal. She always stayed composed even in hairy situations where the average person would have been visibly mad and I'm extremely grateful to this day for that. With her, I was in safe hands. If I was struggling with a particular driving topic, she would give me extra tips or references which helped immensely. I really enjoyed my time with Naila.
Shafiq is an incredible instructor and really easy going. Makes you feel comfortable and confident. Couldn't thank him enough
I highly recommend to anyone who's learning to drive instructor Fish. He helped me massively, especially bringing my confidence up. He was very patient and explained things in a clear and understanding way. He's also very understanding and professional. I feel very comfortable and safe while driving through the busy streets of Leeds. Again, I strongly recommend.

Dagmara Plusa
I’ve passed my test today with Pav
Great instructor and great personality, wouldn’t have passed first time with anyone else