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I started lessons with Pav having driven a fair bit before. He was great at finding my level and making sure I was ironing out any faults. On the day of my test he made sure I was calm and wasn't overthinking anything. He was massively helpful in getting me to pass first time. Would recommend him to anyone.
Bob was my instructor. I had about 16 hours of driving lessons with bob and passed first time with no minors. He's a great instructor and has amazing teaching methods. Would highly recommend him. Thank you again Bob for helping me pass.
I would like to thank Pav for polishing up my driving skills to pass my test yesterday. He was very accommodating and made sure that we could fit in enough lessons prior to my test. In particular I struggled taking roundabouts and thanks to Pav's patience and thorough explanations about lane discipline I no longer have this issue. I would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive as he gave me a lot of great advice which has helped me feel confident on the road!
Bob was my intsructor. I only had 10 hours of lessons and passed first try with one minor. I can’t ask for much more than that!
I’ve been having lessons with Pav and I have learned so much from him and I’ve managed to pass my test today I couldn’t recommend him enough to be your instructor!
Massive thank you to Pav! I passed my test in Horsforth on 10/11/21. I am 26 years old and I was worried that passing my driving test wasn't on the cards for me! Pav was really accommodating and patient, I work full time and he was able to facilitate mid-week evening lessons and weekend lessons which fit well around my 9-5 work commitments. He was always punctual and always willing to take the extra time to explain key concepts, both verbally and with the use of diagrams/whiteboards etc. I would really recommend him, thanks again Pav!
I managed to pass my test thanks to Bob! He's a brilliant instructor, dead easy to get along with and has a great teaching method. Couldn't recommend him enough.
Would highly recommend Arshed who has been such patient and supportive instructor. It’s been a year long endeavour thanks to Covid but he’s always kept me motivated and made it as fun as he could.
Thanks again for getting me passed :).
I passed this morning first time with 3 minor faults thanks to an excellent instructor Shafiq
It was a long journey due to the pandemic but well worth it!
Shafiq took over my lessons as I was having a bad experience with another school, not turning up on time, not able to accommodate my needs and didnt follow COVID guidelines. Shafiq was the complete opposite and his explanations of manoeuvre's was done with respect and calmness, I struggled with a couple of them but Shafiq explained it in different ways till it finally clicked. He helped me with confidence building, and refine my driving to pass first time. Would definitely reccommend!
Thank you!
I passed this morning first time with 3 faults thanks to an excellent instructor Shafiq
It was a long journey due to the pandemic but well worth it!
He went above and beyond to help me by being accommodating and flexible to my situation.
Helped me with confidence building, and refine my driving to pass first time. Would definitely reccommend!
Thank you!
I’d like to say a massive thanks to MJ Driving School and my instructor, Pav, for the past several months of tuition to get me my pass in Horsforth today. Pav gave me lots of great hints and tips right up to the day of the test to make sure I was in the best position to pass. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone else looking to start learning.
I passed in harehills this week all thanks to Arshed. He was were really helpful, calm and patient and always believed I could do it even more than myself sometimes!
I'd just like to express my gratitude to Pete for the great teaching he has provided me over the last few months, that has allowed me to pass my practical test on the first time of asking. The advice he gave in lessons was always clear and allowed me to improve my driving ability at a rapid pace. I'll certainly recommend that other learner drivers go to him for lessons, as he has been much better than previous instructors I've had.

I was well prepared for today's test at Horsforth and it went as well as I could have hoped for- and I thank Pete greatly for that.

All the best,
Conor O'Donnell
Bob was my instructor and was great! I started off as a nervous driver but he helped me to overcome this. He was always on time and very professional. Highly recommend Bob!
Bob was my instructor and was brill! Very professional and always on time for lessons, started off a nervous driver and a bit cautious but he helped me overcome this. If you’re wanting to pass first time, Bob is definitely the man!
Big shout out to Shafiq! He really restored my confidence in driving after a 9 year period of not driving at all. I learnt more doing a couple of refresher lessons than Shafiq than I did after 8 lessons with a previous instructor. Thanks so much, can’t recommend enough!
Bob was a fantastic driving instructor who helped me to pass first time. He was also very professional arriving on time and helped keep me calm throughout the whole driving experience. I can’t recommend him enough to anyone with no or previous experience. Thanks a lot Bob!
After two unsuccessful driving tests with another driving school I switched to MJ Driving School. I had Shafiq as my instructor who was very calm and professional which helped a lot as most of my issues were the result of nerves. He helped me improve both my driving skill and confidence. He was very helpful with organising lessons around my work. COVID guidelines were followed throughout, the car was kept clean and was well maintained.

As a result of this my driving ability massively improved and I am pleased to say that I passed on my third attempt. I would definitely recommend, thanks Shafiq!
I passed my practical driving test today for the first time thanks to the help of Bob. He was always very clear with instructions and helped keep me calm throughout the whole learning experience. I can’t recommend him enough, he was very professional and always on time for lessons. If you’re struggling to pass or want to pass first time, Bob is the man you’re looking for.
My instructor was Shafiq and I happily passed today! He has been with me the whole way and I couldn't of asked for a better instructor. He was patient and very reliable. He always made me feel at ease and comfortable in lessons. He taught me so much about the road and how to be the best driver I can be. I will always be thankful for having the best instructor I could off asked for! His advice and tips on driving will stick with me for the rest of my life. Thank you again, I will forever be grateful to you!
I was very fortunate to have Shafiq as my instructor, he taught me through my course of lessons for me to pass first time on my test. He was very professional throughout and was very accommodating with selecting the dates and times that suited me. I also did my lessons in and out of the lockdown, the car was kept clean and all COVID guidelines were followed making it a safe learning environment. I appreciate all your hard work, thank you very much, Keanan.
Passed my test today and my driving instructor Pav prepared me well for this. Not only did I feel confident and prepared going into the test, but he helped me be a better driver overall. I've heard of experiences with instructors where they can be very harsh, Pav was the complete opposite of this. He helped build my confidence, gave me feedback in a relaxed and respectful way and I really felt comfortable learning to drive from him. Couldn't recommend him enough, an excellent teacher and an amazing person!
Zam is a brilliant & super professional driving instructor, very patient and relaxed. Lessons felt comfortable and I was able to progress at my own pace. Zam helped me to pass my test for the first time and has made me a really confident driver.
Despite having to stop and start lessons continually because of the Covid-19 national lockdown, I made great progress and he really went above and beyond to help me calm down and be confident for my test!
I passed my test easily on the first attempt (without any notes) after driving lessons With Zam.
I highly recommend him! Thank you so much, Zam!
I passed my driving test on Friday with no minors all thanks to Zam! During our sessions he was always calm, positive and delivered clear feedback. I've had a US license for 15+ years but was hesitant to drive in the UK. Now I'm ready to drive on my own and am a more confident driver than I was before. His approach to parallel parking is excellent and made it so much easier. I can't reccomend him enough!!
I was taught by Imran of MJ driving, and after going through many different driving instructors in other schools, I promise Imran is the best of the best!
I passed my test first time with only 5 minors after coming to Imran terrified of driving and being on the road
If you are looking for the friendliest of driving instructors, that will take care of you, build your confidence and really teach you how to drive - Imran is your man and I’m sure the other instructors at MJ Driving are awesome too!
Thank you so much Imran!
I passed my practical test this morning and it was my first attempt. I received 4 minors. My Instructor was Ben and I really recommend learning with him. He put me at ease and was patient and friendly throughout. I started in September and have passed within a year. He is flexible and accommodating and it makes a difference when you can relax and laugh whilst learning. Thank you Ben! πŸ™‚πŸš—
I had my lessons under Shafiq and he was a big reason why I passed (with 0 faults). He was great- extremely enthusiastic, friendly, professional and definitely the best driving instructor I’ve had.

I had failed twice before; before I had lessons with Shafiq I hadn’t drove for 2 years. In around 6 hours Shafiq made me a confident driver- he instantly recognised where I had gone wrong instantly in previous tests (without seeing what I failed on), showed me how I could correct them and remained positive throughout. On a lesson he took me round exactly the same test route I went on the day before my test- it was basically identical to the actual test I had the day after.

I would extremely recommend Shafiq to any learner driver because he is experienced, calm and positive. His work really shows in how much I developed as a driver in such a little length of time. Not only did he show me how to pass but I know I will definitely continue to use all of his tips in the future when driving (especially for manoeuvres).
Had my lessons with pav and he helped my progress to the point where I passed first time with 0 faults, highly recommend him
I've undertaken 12 hours in the last week under Shafiq. Shafiq has been fantastic and has exceeded my expectation of what a a driving instructor would be like. He; as mentioned in other reviews, is very calm and easy to work with.
I'd certainly recommend Shafiq to anyone!
I have just passed my test today, with the help of Pav. He has been so patient and really has coached me to be the best I can. Thank you so much! Will definitely no doubt about it be recommending this driving school and Pav to any of my friends and new learners!! 😁
I had Shafiq as my instructor. I really enjoyed my driving experience with him. He always came on time, he keeps his car clean and well maintained and his manner was always calm,
amiable and approachable. I was comfortable learning with him and had confidence that what he was teaching would make my driving standard high. This was proven when I passed my practical driving test with only two minors. Thank you Shafiq for such a wonderful experience!
I started my first driving lesson with Shafiq back in April feeling very nervous having never driven a car before, however, Shafiq gave me very clear instructions and calmed me down as he himself was calm. As the lesson went on, I become more and more comfortable with driving to the point where my driving lessons became my relaxation time from doing university assignments and he was always understanding of that, never pushing me to do more lessons when it didn't suit me. Also, he is very good at timekeeping and the car is clean and covid safe, I would highly recommend Shafiq if you are a beginner learner, a huge thank you for giving me confidence behind the wheel!!
Hurray, I passed my driving test in first attempt with 5 minor faults. All credits go to my driving instructor Mr. Lodhi, I strictly followed his guidelines which made me pass in a short span. I would really recommend Lodhi who is more tolerant and tries to explain the missteps to the core. Finally, I should really appreciate him on the safety measures followed during this pandemic.
I had refresher lessons with Shafiq and he was very helpful at getting me back into the rhythm of driving and helped me brush up on techniques that I'd forgotten in a calm and supportive manner
I started lessons a very nervous and anxious pupil, but Shafiq’s calm manner coaxed me towards being a confident driver. I have passed my test 2 days ago and cannot thank Shafiq enough for his support and encouragement.
A massive thank you to Shafiq who has been teaching me over the past few months, despite the various lockdowns. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to pass my practical test with only one minor!
He is a great teacher, always on time, releasable and always he such a clean car. He’s chatty and provides a brilliant learning environment.
Thanks again Shafiq!
Just want to a say an absolute massive thank you to Ben. Ben is really friendly and easy to get along with, constantly motivating me when driving. He makes you feel comfortable and reassured, and is always in high spirits. Could not be more thankful for helping me pass FIRST time😁
For the last two years I had driven in city and countryside, but wasn’t satisfied and failed a test twice. Ms. Naila Ditta taught me how to drive, despite this experience and the beliefs I had about it. With patience, care and professional acumen, I found myself driving everywhere without a problem! I could not recommend this teacher, instructor and friend any more! Thank you
I passed my test this week and can't thank Mr Lodhi enough. I was a very nervous learner and Mr Lodhi's calm and patient manner really helped me to move past my fears. I came to MJ Driving school after attempting to learn with three previous companies. I am now a confident driver and would highly recommend Mr Lodhi to others.
I can't thank Paul enough for being such a reliable and awesome driving instructor. On day one Paul made me feel so comfortable and really made me a confident driver. I honestly couldn't recommend him enough for how supportive he is. If you want to pass your test and actually become a safe driver for life, please go with Paul. Paul you are a legend and i think you genuinely are fab! Never change!
During this COVID , he’s always been there supporting me an giving me hope that we will make it and I did 😍😍😍
I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr M.A Lodhi Excellent teacher, Not only was he an absolutely amazing instructor, he was also genuinely and with an amazing heart , It was an absolute pleasure learning how to drive with you Alhamdulillah πŸ₯³ Passed 1st time Guys I will 100% recommend . I cannot thank you enough
Jennifer was an amazing driving instructor!! She made sure to accommodate me with her busy schedule and worked well around my schedule. I would definitely recommend her to any student looking for a good driving instructor to pass you at a high standard!!
I would just like to say thank you to Arshed for his patience and guidance. Truly had a great experience learning how to drive, would recommend to any first-time learners.
I have just passed my test after a few months of lessons with Tim. His expertise as an instructor helped me to get through with no minors, and not only that, but Tim is a great guy meaning the whole experience learning to drive was relaxed and enjoyable. I truly appreciate his help over the last few months and would highly recommend Tim to anyone that not only wants to pass their test, but wants to feel confident knowing they can drive to a good standard in the future.
I just passed my test first time after 27 hours with Tim. Not only was he an absolutely fabulous instructor, he was also genuinely a really nice guy, and it was an absolute pleasure learning to drive with him. I work full time and Tim was incredibly flexible at fitting me in and it meant that I went from 0 to passing my test in a couple of months, which was loads faster than I expected. I cannot thank him enough.
I passed my practical assessment this afternoon with only 3 minor faults. Shafiq is an excellent instructor. He helped me progress and build confidence from the first lesson, and gave simple techniques to perfect the manoeuvres. A big thanks to him and to M.J Driving School; I wouldn’t have passed without them.
Thanks Bob, really helpful with helping me learn to drive, always on time and gives clear, easy to understand instructions. Would definitely recommend.
We passed!!!! As a parent, I would like to thank Mr M.A Lodhi for his professionalism, patience and encouragement. Thank you Sir for teaching my daughter to be a safe competent driver! Thank you again and God bless you.
After failing my previous 2 driving tests with other instructors, I gave MJ driving a call. They assigned me Mr. M.A Lodhi and I’m so happy they did. I passed first time with him, his instructions and explanations were so clear. I can’t say thanks enough. I would recommend him!
Bob was an amazing instructor, always on time and very helpful in explaining and teaching manoeuvres and generally building my confidence. I passed with him in 2 weeks first time with 2 minors - Thankyou so much