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I passed my driving test (automatic) first time with just 2 minors today following 8 lessons with Shafiq! After having lessons with 6 different instructors and multiple bad experiences I was quite nervous and close to giving up but Shafiq’s clear instruction got me test ready in no time. He was excellent at picking up points to refine while staying positive, was always punctual and did a great job of calming my nerves. I would highly recommend him to anybody.
Huge thanks Shafiq! 🥳
Passed my test yesterday at the age of 35! After a few failed attempts aged 17, I decided it was time to try again after having my second daughter and needing the freedom to drive them around, as well as get myself to work. I was an extremely anxious driver and after an unsuccessful first instructor, Hanna was absolutely wonderful. She was an expert teacher who built my confidence and helped me to feel safe and secure. She even managed to persuade me to sit my test even though I kept insisting I wasn't ready... she was right! Thank you Hanna, this is genuinely going to be life changing for me.
Passed today! Thanks to the amazing Naila who kept my cool calm and collected! she is a perfect instructor for nervous drivers and has really worked with me to build my confidence with driving! Couldn’t have done it without her!
I am a very anxious driver and have had a really bad experience with previous instructors. My instructor Adel was amazing! He was so patient and made sure I was so well prepared for my test. He was really flexible with booking lessons and worked around my schedule. I passed with 3 minors and am so grateful for his help!
I took refresher lessons after quite a few years not driving. Shafiq really helped build up my confidence driving in different areas across Leeds and Bradford not just test routes. I'd recommend Shafiq he was great at putting me at ease and very patient!
A massive thank you to Bob Hardy, for being my driving tutor from the start of this year. A very friendly and great teacher, who I owe passing my test to!
I passed my driving test with only 1 minor yesterday. Many thanks to Robert-Mark Hardy for all his patience and skill. He was a perfect teacher and an amazing mentor. I would highly recommend MJ Driving School! Thank you Bob!
I passed first time today with 1 minor. My instructor Hanna was absolutely amazing. She was always so calm and patient with me. She’s a great teacher and explained everything clearly. I would definitely recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much!
I passed first time today thanks to Adel, he was an amazing instructor from start to finish. He was always really patient and explained everything in such an easy to understand way. He was the best driving instructor I could have asked for and would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much!
I passed today with 2 minors, I did my automatic lessons with Adel and he’s the best instructor I’ve had, detailed with everything, without him I wouldn’t have passed my test, anyone booking automatic lessons I recommend Adel 100%, best instructor around
Arshed was a patient and understanding teacher, despite my short timeframe for lessons in Leeds! I would recommend to anyone who has not driven previously or feels nervous!
First time test taker and able to pass it with just 2 minor errors. I was very anxious and wanted to reschedule my exam but Adel helped me and build my confidence to take the exam. He gave constructive criticism and honest opinion on how i drive which helped me a lot. Huge five star to Adel and MJ driving school, highly recommended.

I passed my driving exam 7 Nov 2023

Huge thanks to Robert-Mark Hardy helping me all the way from the start to become a fully qualified driver hes honestly helped me through every part and very good at what he does very good driving school thanks again Hardy!
Massive thank you to Maan Dalahal who took me on for the final month of lessons after my previous instructor switched to automatic. He is punctual, polite, and has great knowledge of driving. I learnt a lot in a short space of time and he really helped me to pass. I passed first time today with 2 minors.
Passed first time with 3 minors with Pav.
I had Shafiq as my driving instructor. I had seven lessons with Shafiq and he taught me everything I needed to know for my test in that time and I have now passed on the first time. He was very clear when explaining how to do manoeuvres and gave useful reference points which simplify the challenge.
Thank you Shafiq
Passed today thanks to Pav. Really supportive instructor.
I had Shafiq as my driving instructor who was brilliant and very patient with me through out the 'learning to drive' journey. Unfortunately i had to move away from Leeds and couldn't continue my lessons with him . But he has definitely made me more confident in my driving and would definitely recommend him.
I passed my test at Horsforth thanks to Bob. Bob explained everything clearly, he is flexible & reliable a very good driving instructor. Thank you Bob
Would like to give a huge thanks to Ali Akhtar who helped me pass my test first time. He was very patient and calm and I could not recommend him any more!
I started driving lesson with mj driving schools early this year and passed first time in September! I had Bob as my driving instructor who was amazing- always pushing you each lesson to improve your driving and is patient with you, he’s not afraid to point out your mistakes and help you develop them over time which is exactly what you need! He was always on time for every lesson, explained everything you need to know and made me feel like a confident driver putting me at ease; I couldn’t recommend him any more.
Teklit is a really good instructor. Thanks to teklit i passed my test with only 4 minor. His lesson all the was enjoyable never feel under pressure. He teached me to be a confident driver and he beileved to me more than i beileve myself. Thank you so much teklit
Ahmad was a brilliant instructor and it was lots of fun learning to drive with him.

I was nervous at times, but he was always very kind and patient, and gave gentle and constructive feedback when I needed to work on things or forgot any information.

His instructions are very easy to follow and he is clear and concise - he helped me out when needed but more importantly pushed me at all the right times, which definitely helped me build up my confidence quickly.

I somehow managed to pass first time with no minors! Couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks so much again!
Arshad Lodhi is a fantastic instructor. He helped me to pass first time and he really helped me calm my nerves and anxiety. He's such an expert teacher.
I passed my test with Craig, my third and final driving instructor. The most down to earth bloke who adjusted his teaching methods to suit me. He was extremely flexible with working around my crazy schedule. I couldn’t thank you more Craig, 100% would recommend :))
Arshed Lodhi was an incredible instructor and made me feel comfortable throughout all of my lessons. He explains everything very clearly and squashed out all of my bad habits without affecting my confidence.

I could not recommend him more!

Iain Blacklock
I had a very postive experience learning to drive with Ahmad. He was patient and friendly yet thorough to ensure I felt comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Ahmad gave honest feedback allowing me to work on the areas I neeed to develop leading to a first time pass with only 2 minors. Highly recommend!
After previously learning in a different part of the country, I started again with Arshad and today I finally passed with 6 minors in Harehills! I cannot speak highly enough for Arshad, his patience and faith in me have made all the difference. How he did not bang his head against a wall in frustration I will never know as it has been a challenge learning to drive and gaining confidence. Arshad made the lessons enjoyable and also helped explain things in a way that I understood. Thank you so very much.
Would like to sat a huge thanks to Lee at MJ Driving who got me through my lessons and test which I passed at Walton on 10th August. I am someone who doubts myself very much but Lee kept me positive and calm with lots of reassurance and patience. Highly recommend this driving school 🙂

Thank you so much!
I have had 7 lessons with Shafiq and he was able to teach me all the manoeuvres and how to drive confidently. He was always punctual and was great to work with. He has told me everything that I need to know for the test and is very knowledgeable in the test areas. His method of teaching the manoeuvres was very clear and broke the manoeuvre down well to complete it consistently. I am very grateful for his lessons. Thank you Shafiq
My instructor was Bob who I had for 3 hours of refresher lessons and I passed first time at Horsforth. Bob was brilliant, patient and very knowledgeable of the local area, would highly recommend.
My Instructor was PAV and i can't thank him enough for all his help and advice during his lessons.
He always treated me with patience and not once made me nervous or anything when i did mistakes.
I passed my test the first time with 2 minors after only 10 hours with pav. I honestly thought i would need alot more.
I passed first time with Russell denny on the 26th. He was amazing always calm and taught me how to control the car properly. He has so much experience would recommend to anyone wanting lessons
My instructor Shafiq was really brilliant, sadly I had to leave Leeds before I could book a test but Shafiq was an amazing instructor. He was very patient and calm - a pleasure to learn from! He was flexible with lesson times and went out of his way to make sure I had times that would work around my ever changing schedule! Would definitely recommend him - thank you Shafiq!
Today I passed my driving lesson with Russell Denny after only taking 7 lessons with him, I started my lessons on the 29th May and passed today!. He is an absolutely amazing driving instructor with so much experience! From start to finish he always believed in me and was always positive and I believe that helped me so much. I would 100% recommend Russell for anyone wanting to start lessons, he is the most calm instructor ever and I can’t thank him enough! Thank you Russell!
Yesterday I passed my driving test (manual) first time! My instructor Shafiq was amazing, he worked around my busy schedule as a medical student and was really patient with me from start to finish. He always had a lovely cheerful attitude and I feel like my lessons with him really helped me to keep my calm and focus on my weak points for my test! Super grateful for our lessons, all the best Shafiq :)
Passed my test on Tuesday last week followiong lessons with Bob. He was a fantastic instructor who pushed me out of my comfort zone on my first lesson with him in January.

He was patient and calm when I made mistakes whilst learning and was also super easy to get on with. I would definitely recommend Bob and MJ Driving School for your lessons.
I had Pav as my instructor and he helped me pass first time! He was very detailed in all my teaching meaning I knew exactly what the examiner wanted, which was perfect for me as a non-natural driver. Thank you so much!
I started my lessons in March with Naila and did an intensive course I have just passed today 1st time with only 2 minors, I would l00% recommend going with MJ Driving school, Naila was very calm and a great instructor, she believed in me and believed that I was ready for my test and she was right, she helped build up my confidence and anything I was unsure of she went over and over it until I had it right. Naila was a Fantastic instructor, thank you so much still in shock and can't believe iv passed.
I passed my driving test today, with 2 minors, all thanks to Russell. We took our lessons in the Middleton area and I had my test in Harehills. I had previous driving lessons/2 failed driving tests with Bill Plant in 2019. I took a break and started driving lessons with Russell in January 2023.

Russell taught me how to actually drive and be in control of the car. He never once shouted at me or was negative with any of my driving. He's super patient and very calm when teaching you, which is incredibly helpful when you're learning to drive. He ensured on our lessons we covered the areas of driving I wanted to sharpen up on, such as the different manoeuvres.

Overall, I'm very happy with my driving experience. Thank you Russell.
Just passed with Lee . Very patient across all lessons and felt very safe whilst driving
Would recommend to anyone looking to start lessons
Thank you so much to Hannah from Mj’s driving school for teaching me and getting me prepared! I passed quickly! Very helpful and definitely recommend this school and Hannah! Thank you! x
Passed the first time with one minor fault thanks to my instructor Shafiq! Not only did he give me the whole "map" to routes and knowledge of the ins and outs of the procedure of the test to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the big day, but he took a personal interest in me passing the test and motivated me to be a better driver. Shafiq was punctual, flexible with lesson times (as I work nights) and never lost his temper (which was definitely not easy at times😅). I would highly recommend MJ Driving School and Shafiq in particular to any learner drivers in and around the Leeds area!
passed my driving test today first time after having lessons with Ahmad. couldn’t recommend enough, such a helpful and supportive instructor !!
Just passed my test today and Lee had been helping me with learning to drive. Highly recommend, very helpful and easy to get along with! Thankyou Lee!
Iqbal was exactly the instructor I needed, he made me feel confident whilst driving, but was firm enough when I made mistakes. And when I was ready he didn't try to get any more lessons out of me but was instead supportive. 10/10 recommend.
I passed my driving exam first time,with only one minor,all thanks to a brilliant driving instructor Wayne.Been with Wayne right from the beginning,he’s firm and fair,very knowledgeable.Gets you ready for the big day.
I would highly recommend Wayne to anyone.
And again a big thankyou! to Wayne.
Iqbal was my instructor and he was absolutely brilliant. I'd had a really bad experience with my previous instructor who really knocked my confidence and made me feel like I was a rubbish driver. Iqbal was great at helping to improve my driving while also really increasing my confidence. He was really supportive while also providing me with constructive criticism and making sure I understood any mistakes I had made. Thanks to Iqbal I passed first time with only two minors.
Had an amazing experience learning to drive , I was very happy with it , with very clear instructions and safe practice and felt safe the full time whilst learning , also gave full explanations of everything , I managed to pass first time ! - Pav
Shafiq is a very friendly and patient instructor who made me feel more confident driving. He went out of his way to secure a hire car for my driving test a few days before the test, when his own car suddenly broke down, and was able to pass first time. He made sure he was prompt to lessons and the car was always thoroughly clean! Thank you Shafiq!