Overcome Driving Nerves, Fear of Driving, Driving Anxiety and Phobias


Do you have a lack of confidence for driving or feel unsafe driving?


Are you looking for help with any fears, phobia, nerves or anxieties with driving?


Dont Worry! Dont Fear! Help is Here!


Changing Anxious, Nervous Drivers In To

Naturally Very Good, Confident, Safe Drivers


If you are suffering or have any issues with driving anxiety, fear of driving or driving nerves or phobias related to driving we will be happy to help you. We can provide help for any of the following:


Driving Nerves - Fear of Driving - Driving Anxiety - Panic Attacks while Driving.

Lost or Lack of Confidence with Driving. Problems or Lack of Confidence following a Motoring Accident.

We can also help with General Lack of Confidence, Anxieties, Low Self Esteem that is not connected to driving


Call or text Michael direct on 07720 396 100 for more information or to discuss your needs or booking a course

Our driving school has two specialist driving instructors who have studied and trained extensively driving, driving behaviour, the mind and how it works, anxieties, nerves and lack of confidence plus have additional therapist qualifications to help you achieve the change you need to become safe and confident driving, anywhere, anytime


We provide a specialist training course which naturally becomes tailored to each persons issues, anxieties, nerves or lack of confidence. The course can be tailored to fit for a full licence holder or a new learner driver


Both have extemsive driver training experience and qualifications plus additional qualifications in mind training, NLP, hypnotherapy as well as many additional qualities and experiences that have successful helped hundreds of people who were previously anxious or nervous about driving or related matters


Check out the many people who have overcome their problem with our help in our many testimonials near the bottom of this page 


Michael J Stanhope BA(Hons)

DSA ADI Grade 6

Certified NLP Practitioner


DVSA Grade A Trainer

Diploma DI

DIA Diamond Master Driver



Liam Dent DHP, DNLP


NLP Master Practitioner

Therapy & Hypnotherapy

Certified Wellness Coach

PCT Therapy

DIA Diamond Master Driver


07720 396 100




Transformational Training


Read Some Recent Testimonials


We provide a specialist driver training course combined with mind training and mind changing techniques. We have two highly experienced and very qualified driving instructors that will totally transform how you drive and how you feel with driving, whether you are a full licence holder with experience and later gained anxieties and fears or a novice / learner driver who is very anxious or nervous about learning or while learning


We both use top quality expert driver training and coaching techniques, along with using NLP techniques, hypnotherapy and mind training techniques, which can massively help you overcome driving nerves, driving anxieties and panic attacks, phobias or lack of confidence


Using our combined driver training expertise, along with varying techniques gained from being a Qualified and Certified NLP Practitioner, a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and Diploma in Complete Mind Training we can help you overcome your fears and anxieties and become a successful, confident, safe and intuitive driver.


All our work is currently provided in a manual car only (not automatic)


NLP influences brain behaviour through the use of language and psychology. It is a very powerful therapy as it focusses on how we can think, act, feel and process information. NLP can 'recode' the way the brain responds to stimuli to help us get the results we want and lead the life we desire. 


The Reviews at the bottom of this page are for the specialist work of anxiety training - the Facebook linked to this website is just for the regular driving school learners 


We provide this specialist work for both full licence holders and learner drivers. Both full licence and provisional licence holders will work through the same techniques on the sessions with me - a mix of driver training and coaching, NLP, mind training and hypnotherapy


We don't personally provide regular driving lessons for learner drivers due to the demand of this specialist work however if you do want good driving lessons by quality driving instructors trained by Michael follow this link:  driving lessons Leeds


We are fully Licensed Practitioners of NLP. Certified by “Evolve NLP” which is endorsed by “The International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnosis”.

We also hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (DHP) and a Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy (DCMT)


Help is Here


From our experience we find that a combination of driver training, coaching, NLP and mind training techniques plus hypnotherapy provides the most desirable outcome.


Whether you have been driving for many years or a novice to driving my techniques will overcome your fears, anxieties, nerves or lack of confidence


By the time we have finished your course the act of driving, anywhere, will feel and be as easy as walking down the footpath



Don't rely on some sort of treatment, such as CBT or hypnotherapy, for a fear or anxiety for driving in a room or surgery - instead to be individually assessed properly to establish causes, resulting states and desired outcomes and then plan a real course of anxiety / fear treatment while in the environment that you would like to feel better in - the car!!


Combining our coaching skills, excellence in driver training techniques, along with NLP techniques (which are proved to gain high success at fear and anxiety cures) and the use of hypnotic language or hypnosis (if required) and mind training techniques produces a far higher degree of success.



Once we establish the causes and states that require change or improvement for you we can build the mind training techniques in the car, prior to, and while driving, until you (your subconscious) feels safe and confident. I have found the mix of in car driver training along with the NLP to have huge success for many people with fears, anxieties and phobias or lack of confidence related to driving.


Many previous clients have undergone previous help such as CBT or hypnotherapy - this has usually had minimal affect as they aren't fixing your mind while in the car


Please Read Some Recent Testimonial Reviews Further Down This Page



From our experience many people who think they have a driving phobia actually don't!

For many previous clients simply changing the way they drive - mostly with how to use their eyes and brain correctly while driving changed their whole perspective and feeling while driving.



Quite often the way in which we were initially trained or style that we have got in to with driving your own brain isn't happy with it so gives you a feeling of not being in control or confident so with the combination of changing how you drive along with any additional techniques required the vast majority of people have become totally fixed - many didn't even have a phobia in the first place when they thought they did


Many instances, some of my driver training techniques have increased confidence alone, and then when you add coaching, NLP, mind training and hypnosis the result is amazing - often in only a few sessions!


Lots of previous clients have found the techniques and work done actually helps and changes many other aspects of their lives as well as their driving!


Read some previous clients stories below to help you decide this will work for you


You Are Not Alone!


We have a very high level of bookings and clients benefitting from this specialist work, with clients coming from all over the UK - so you are not alone - however due to high demand there is currently a few week waiting time to get new clients started - so, don't delay any further - book in as soon as possible


Some common statements from previous clients when describing their issues or problems - if any of the following apply to you then simply get in touch


I feel nervous / anxious at the thought of driving or a particular journey

I Just don't have any confidence at all when driving

I can't go on routes or roads I don't know or been on before

I get so nervous on a driving test and fall apart and then keep failing the test

I worry about crashing, or other people on the roads

I've just lot my general confidence about driving

I don't like or can't drive with lots of other traffic or people around me

I think I am going to get it wrong

I feel scared, nervous or frightened about learning to drive

I can't pass the driving test due to nerves

I can't park or reverse a car

I won't go in a car park or too frightened to park

I don't feel in control or feel really anxious all the time

I hate the thought of driving and avoid it as much as possible

I can only drive a really small car or with a sat nav

I worry for ages / hours / days before driving 

I won't or can't carry passengers or I'm even nervous as a passenger

I worry about where to go or getting it wrong or being in wrong place or lane

I am nervous at the thought of learning to drive

I can't park when I get to the other end

I can't drive at speed or fast

I have tried to learn but just feel anxious or panicky all the time

I can't cope with busy roads and all the other people around me

I can't drive under a bridge, over a bridge

I think or worry that I will go the wrong way

I don't like uphill or downhill, or wide open space, or enclosed or busy space

I don't like fast roads, dual carriageways or motorways

I feel so anxious I must have a phobia about driving

I wish I could just get in the car and drive happily, like other people do


In truth all of the above statements are actually not true and you won't have the worries or fears once we have re-trained your mind and your driving style


How the Sessions are Usually Structured


Currently All Sessions are Conducted in a Manual Car so We Can't Provide this Service for Automatic Cars


We have found that most people need to go through the following changes for them to feel happy and confident again: Using my combination of skills (expert driver training, NLP, mind training and hypnotherapy) we get rid of the problems and build your mind to drive fantastically confident


The vast majority of previous clients who can already drive have reached the desired goal and level of confidence around 4 to 6 sessions - some have even been confident by end of 3 ....A new driver or learner driver will require more sessions to include the actual learning to drive


Session One:  

Understand the issues and causes of anxiety or nerves and begin to re train / re wire your brain to work correctly in relation to driving and how to deal with and change the anxiety - only a small amount of actual driving on this session however I find that this is one of the most important elements to begin the desired change. Starting to change how your brain works and percieves driving so it starts to see it in a different way


Session Two:

Change your driving style (or learn to drive if a new driver) to work differently / correctly with your newly wired brain - some people have needed totally retraining to drive properly as many of my past clients were not even trained to drive properly in the first place, which is often a big contributory factor to the issues and anxieties that became your problem - changing some driving styles and habits to work alongside your newly 'wired' brain so that your brain is working in different way and sees and feels driving as a different experience from how it was in the past.


Learner Driver: For a new learner driver the process of learning to be confident and in control of a car, ensuring your brain is using the right thought patterns and learning all the skills with the right mind set to become a safe and confident driver down the line. The process continues with extensive mind training through initial learning for the next 2 sessions which then has you prepared for a few regular driving lessons towards a driving test.


Session Three:

Build both your driving and your brain patterns with fairly extensive driving in many situations to prove that the newly re wired brain and new driving styles (or newly learned driving skills) work in any area, any type of road, anywhere - this is where most people start to feel the confidence coming through


Session Four:

Building your confidence and belief in you and your own mind and driving ability and testing it to various situations while constantly improving your driving pattern / style and also how your own mind's patterns and associations with driving (subconsciously) - layering the new behaviour and patterns in your brain in order for your brain to fully believe and anchoring them there for the future


Session Five:

Further building your brain and driving and ensuring that any old patterns and behaviour are in the past - Release the old style, patterns, behaviour, fears and anxieties and leave them in the past and firmly anchoring the new and fully testing in any situations anywhere (or simply building your driving and mind in all other areas if new or learning to drive)


Additional Sessions: 

Purely to build belief and confidence and to ensure past behaviour patterns are now extinct and the new patterns are fully in place (or cover new areas of driving for the new driver)

Many past clients have told me that the techniques have also massively helped and improved their overall confidence and reduced many anxieties and stress in other areas of their lives


Alternative Remedies 

We have found over the years that many clients had previously taken on other forms of help prior to seeing me, anything from more normal driving lessons, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or hypnotherapy with not much success or change - realistically you need the mix of driving changes and mind changes at the same time, while in a car for the desired fix




We are highly experienced, highly qualified driver trainers and will use a combination of driver training and coaching techniques along with NLP, Mind Training and/or hypnosis techniques to assist you.


I am a fully Licensed Practitioner of NLP. Certified by “Evolve NLP” which is endorsed by “The International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnosis”.

I have been a fully qualified driving instructor for over 25 years. I am one of the very rare, top DSA Grade 6 / DVSA Grade A driving instructors (which is the highest standard of driver training in the UK). 


As well as being a Certified NLP Practitioner, Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) I also hold a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and a Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy, so the mix of techniques along with my expert driver training and coaching techniques will allow your brain to be retrained to overcome your disposition.


If required, I will initiate your help with a phone conversation or email communication to assess your specific condition, needs and your desired outcome.

I am in huge demand for this work and have clients from all over the UK arriving in Leeds for this training so please plan ahead and book in advance


Specially Designed Training - That Works!


From successfully helping loads of people with these issues and worked varying patterns of sessions and training over several years I have developed training and mind changing sessions that provide the desired change with most people in 4 sessions- even I am amazed with the results! A learner driver can expect to require more sessions of practice once fear or anxiety has been dealt with


Each session is a minimum of 3 hours - I often run a little over time to ensure the right work is done at the right time


The first session aims to dig and work out the causes and start to rebuild / rewire the brain in order to allow the new training and techniques to properly build on subsequent sessions until you become a totally new driver

The first session alone can often begin the process of improvement and benefits may be witnessed at this early stage! 


Most people have said that they really start to feel and know the training is working by the end of the second session and they are starting to gain confidence


The vast majority of people have reached a huge turning point by the 3rd session and by the 4th (or 5th) can often be totally transformed, confident and even enjoy driving, although several have opted for a couple more sessions to increase confidence further and also because they find it helps in so many ways as well as driving alone - a learner or new driver will ecpect to require several more sessions


Areas Covered 


We can provide help for driving phobias, driving anxieties, fear of driving and other anxieties aside from driving in Leeds, Bradford and surrounding areas.

Due to the very high demand for this work clients simply have to make their way to Leeds and if you don't want to drive your car we are happy to meet at Leeds / Bradford train station or other suitable location.

Many people have come to us from all over the UK


See further below for pricing structure


From experience and experimenting with previous clients I have found the sessions work the absolute best in 3 hour sessions  (pretty much half a day)- this provides adequate time for brain to make changes, practise some driving and to work on mind training exercises. Most people have suited and preferred with the best results in 2 x sessions per week over a 2 week period


See below for pricing and discount on block course payment


Each session combines a mix of specialist driving training, mind training, NLP techniques, anxiety and nerves release, change of state of mind training and sometimes hypnotherapy 


Don't pay £150 - £200 per hour for just clinical assistance when you can pay far less for my treatment in the environment that you want the help - in a car!!


The sessions are conducted in our fully insured vehicles and sessions can be booked Mondays - Fridays either 10am - 1pm or 1pm - 4pm, Some evening or weekend sessions can be arranged however these are quite rare


I often over run the 3 hour and can end up working with you for even longer especially if I find that a new pattern or change is developing - so if you are time restricted please do point that out to me




Pricing of Transformational Driving Course


From over 10 years experience of this specialist course I have found that the vast majority of clients reach their desired goal, level of confidence and ability and even enjoy driving in four (4) sessions


Each session is 3 hours long and have found that 2 sessions per week over a two week period seems to be most effective


Each 3 hour session is priced at £130


As the vast majority are transformed in 4 sessions I have designed a specific course of 4 sessions of 3 hours priced at £520 - see discount below


If each session is paid individually the total would be £520 (£130 x 4 = £520)


Discount & Savings:

If you choose to pay for the full four (4) sessions in one block payment prior to course commencemt you receive a discount of £25 


Save £25!

So a block of 4 sessions in one advance payment is only £495


An initial £75 deposit payment is required at the time of booking and the balance of £420 3 working days prior to course start date


If any additional 3 hour sessions are required (which is rare) it would be charged at £130 per session


A learner driver can continue with regular driving lessons after the initial course until confident for driving test at £30 per hour


Note: Any cancellations within a 48 hour period will be charged at the full rate


To Book or More Info:


Call or text Michael direct on 07720 396 100 for more information, to discuss your situation and if relevant for you and booking



3 hourly sessions may sound a long time however when we are combining my work on your thought processes, driver training, NLP techniques, hypnotherapy, mind therapy and coaching methods plus driver training the 3 hour goes quickly and everyone has been amazed how the time was used, how quick it felt and the methods and outcomes - even I have been amazed with the results I have seen



Due to the intesnity of the work and that the sessions are very demanding and extremely exhausting from my own perspective I can only do one session per day 


Sessions are conducted in my fully insured manual car Monday - Friday most weeks


What is NLP?

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - an understanding of the brain and how it works - NLP is a safe, simple, practical and extremely effective way of enabling the human brain or mind to change quickly so that they begin to generate new patterns of behaviour - which subsequently overcomes the phobia or fear.

I am a fully Licensed Practitioner of NLP. Certified by “Evolve NLP” which is endorsed by “The International Institute for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Hypnosis”.


Recent Success - Testimonials:


"This is a truly transformational training course!


Having passed the driving test after several attempts many years ago, by the end of that process my confidence in driving was almost zero and I totally hated driving.


After a few brief attempts to drive I realised this was not improving and I needed to overcome the fear of driving I had built up over many years and thankfully I found Michael at MJ Driving School.


The Positive Mind Training and Driver Training that totally simplifies driving Michael delivers in such a light hearted, friendly and professional manner have absolutely transformed my attitude, skill level and approach to driving.


The training course is unbelievably brilliant and you will really surprise yourself at just how well you too can actually drive, anywhere


Thank you so very much - the sessions have been excellent and my fear has now become a pleasure!"


Hayley Bedford, Leeds



Prior to taking this course with Michael driving was my worst nightmare. I literally couldn't think of anything worse!.


Michael has changed that, and more!  I am now confident driving, no more anxiety and can actually hold a conversation and be laughing while driving safely too! 


If you feel bad, fearsome or anxious about driving then do this course!


Just listen and believe everything Michael says and work with his techniques and training and it will be the best decision you ever made!


I personally can't thank Michael enough!  One word sums up Michael - Awesome!


Kay, Thirsk



"Before doing the anxiety course with Michael I felt so overwhelmed and would cry when I was just thinking or talking about driving. I booked the course, and I was sceptical about the course to start with because I had got myself in such a state over driving and learning to drive plus an intense fear of driving and being on the roads and in accidents or causing accidents that I thought I would never improve.


Michael was so kind and understanding and helped me totally rebuild my confidence - you can tell he enjoys his work and wants to make a difference


I learnt more on the 4 day course with Michael than I did in 50 plus hours of learning with a regular driving instructor (of which only reinforced my fear and bad habits).


Michaels techniques helped me untangle my brain and opened my eyes to how enjoyable driving can be and how easy it is.  If you are anxious, fearsome, or an over thinker then I gurantee this course will benefit you in more ways than just the driving!


For the millionth time THANK YOU Michael - my family have noticed a huge difference in me and have said it is like driving with a totally different person behind the wheel. I cannot recommend the anxiety course highly enough! Make the first step by reaching out to Michael and he will guide and work with you from there on!"


Lucy K, Chesterfield



"After passing my driving test I drove for a couple of years but then got increasingly anxious, which culminated in me only driving 3 times in the past 4 years. I stopped altogether because I was so scared & anxious that I didn't want to put myself & others in danger.


I never thought it would be possible for me to get better but it got to a point where I needed to improve because it was taking over my life - I was constantly thinking about it & I felt so disappointed in myself.


I am amazed at how much I have changed with 4 sessions. I was very sceptical & could not believe that it would work on me, but it did!


I am now confident, happy & actually enjoy driving! I also feel like I'm a better driver because Michael improved my driving technique as well as getting rid of my anxiety & all the over-thinking I did (about driving & in other aspects of my life too).


I would recommend these sessions to anybody as they really work, make you feel completely at ease & are very enjoyable. Thank you so much for all your help!"


Nicola T, Leeds



"Before I began this course with Michael I was a nervous wreck and absolutely convinced that I couldn't drive, would never be able to cope with driving and that nothing or no one would be able to help me!


Now, having completed this 4 session course with Michael, I feel like a totally different person in general: more relaxed and definitely more confident in myself with most things in my life overall, plus I feel a very confident, natural, safe and happy driver! Amazing!!


Andrew, Leeds



"Before I took this course with Michael I felt very anxious at even the thought of driving a car!  After crashing my car early on after passing my test my confidence was crushed. Over the years I tried refresher driving lessons with some driving instructors and even family members - all seemed to make me worse!


Now, after working with Michael I feel like a totally different person! I feel confident and safe on the road and to be out on my own!  Throughout the course Michael made me feel at ease the whole time and went a pace that worked for me - after the first session I didn't dread the thought of driving and actually looked forward to the rest of the sessions and can actually say I enjoyed the lessons and the whole process! 


If you feel anxious or nervous about driving don't put it off - get yourself booked on! My only regret is I didn't do this course with Michael sooner than I did!"


Hanneka, Rawdon



"Before meeting Michael I was totally scared of driving! I was totally terrified of controling a car and being in and amongst traffic.  Michael totally simplified everything about driving, fixed my over thinking and worrying brain and has turned me in to a confident, competent and safe driver. That much so, I just passed my driving test on my First Attempt this morning and can't wait for the freedom of driving.


I genuinely can't thank Michael enough! Googling 'driving anxiety courses' was the best thing I ever did and I would highly recommend this to anyone and everyone especially anyone who is anxious or nervous about driving"


Thank you so much for starting my bright future as a safe and confident driver!"


Nicole G Leeds



This course with Michael  is the best thing I ever did!  I passed my driving test years ago, after hating driving while learning and became so anxious with driving as I never felt confident enough to drive, so just avoided it for years. I tried a few refresher lessons over the years but they didn't help at all.


Now, after these 4 sessions if feel very confident and happy, as well as safe and don't worry about it at all - I can't wait to be driving loads in my car!


Craig, Yeadon



"I cannot praise Michael and his techniques enough!. When I initially called him I was crying even thinking about driving!


I had passed my driving test a few years previously in a small town whithout much experience prior to passing.  After passing my test I hardly drove at alland after moving to Leeds, my fear of driving increased so much that even the thought of would make me panic or result in tears. As a generally rational person, I really wanted to fix this anxiety, especially as my work were suggestingI needed to drive - which was something I would totally avoid at all costs.


Michaels approach and techniques completely transformed the way I see, and my reaction to driving. Yesterday I drove my fiance and Mum to a friends house without even thinking about and my passengers couldn't believe how confident, safe and calm I was while driving.


When starting the course I was a little sceptical it would work for me, but Michael's wrath of knowledge, experience, skill and techniques greatly surpassed any of my expectations.


I drove every day last week! Not only am I driving all the confidently, I am happy driving anywhere, in any situation and on any road - fast, slow, busy - it's great! I now love driving!


If you told me that a few months ago I would have thought it impossible. If any of this sounds familer, I urge you, give Michael a call, now! Thank you so much again Michael for your excellent transformational work


Alex K, Leeds



"Before this driving course with Michael I was terrified of driving and had been since passing my driving test 18 years ago to the point that I had totally stopped  driving for the last several years.


Finding the lack of driving was becoming more of a problem, really limiting on my life and freedom it was playing on my mind even more.


This driving course has massively improved my general confidence and my driving confidence, ability and skills and am now excited about driving every day!!


Thank you!


Faye, Leeds



"I had avoided driving for 27 years following an accident, and was absolutely petrified of driving. Now, having done this course with Michael i now feel 100% confident driving on the roads and would highly recommend this course for anyone.


Michael understood and cared for my nerves from the minute I sat in the car and then he steadily re built me, my mind and my driving. The driving and the whole process with Michael was an absolute pleasure and he broke me out of my brain dead state!


Before seeing Michael I tried a couple of refresher driving lessons a few years ago but that didn't help at all, so don't do what I did and put it off for years after my accident just call Michael and he will get you back on the road with confidence. Thank you so much


Debbie, Castleford



"I owe Michael a huge debt of gratitude for helping to change my life!


I passed my driving test in 1997 but having spent much of my life in a capitol city I didn't really need to drive. Over the years I managed to drive a little but I never felt confident and my anxiety grew and grew. I consider myself indepenent and hated having to be chauffeured around and not having the freedom to drive where and when I wanted.


A couple of years ago I tried some lessons with an advanced driving instructor and, if anything, it made things worse as the focus was on everything I was doing wrong and I felt useless and inadequate - so, I gave up and decided driving wasn't for me. Then came lockdown and dreams of one day having a camper van. It made me really sad that I would never be able to realise this dream so I thought I'd give driving one more go.


I knew that, although my driving wasn't great, the main issue wasn't technique but the overwhelming feelings I had when behind the wheel or at the thought of driving. I would need a very supportive and sympathetic instructor. I did an internet search for 'driving anxiety' and found Michael. At the time it felt like a leap of faith but thought it weas worth a try.


The course was a revelation! Michael is unlike other driving instructors as he focusses on how your brain works and retrains you to drive naturally. Having been through the course it all seems so straightforward and obvious now - I had been overcomplicating and over thinking somethig that is relatively simple and had let my thoughts hold me back.


After completing the course I now know, with Michaels training, that I am a good driver and well on the way to being a confident one. Whenever my anxiety sneaks back I have the techniques Michael trained me to stop it in its tracks. It feels really good to have loosened the grip of my anxiety and to know that I now have the freedom to drive. I am really gratfeul to Michael for helping me to change - the course was worth every penny! Thank you"


Ruth B, Shipley



"I hated driving for years and totally avoided it. After doing the course with Michael I feel very confident in a car and have even got the point of enjoying driving! I have learnt so much about driving and how easy it really is. Plus Michael is a really great instructor and a very nice person indeed!


Sam B, Leeds



"For over 20 years I have hardly driven and had huge fears of so many aspects of driving and when I used to try and drive I would have panic attacks, sweaty palms and terrible thoughts. It resulted in me pulling and not driving so eventually I just gave up.


I had several hypnotherapy sessions to help me but they made no difference at all. But, now, incredibly, and utterly amazingly, after just 4 sessions with Michael I am so happy and confident driving, and even know I am a good driver, I am so excited for my future trips and journeys ahead. This course has and will totally changed my life! Thank you so much Michael"


Jackie, F, Leeds



"I went from heart beating wildly and feeling physically sick before getting in the drivers seat to driving comfortably in loads of different areas including the centre of Leeds City!  I am amazed how quick changing my driving by learning the 'right' way can help!


I wish I had booked this course with Michael sooner as my lack of confidence driving in the past had massively held me back in life! - not any more!


Everone should be trained like this when learning to drive!  Thank you very much for getting me back on the road!"


Helen P, South Milford



"I spent nearly 15 years worrying and thinking about driving! Now I have completed my course with Michael I will say JUST DO IT..... It will change your life!


From what may seem impossible now it all starts to change even from the first session. Everything will change, your mindset, your driving, your thinking and you will become a new, confident and amazing driver!


Michael is amazing at what he does and how he does it. He totally understands what is the problem and how to fix it. He is very patient and makes the whole process so much better, even enjoyable and fun plus he has a crazy sense of humour which helps too!...... I wish I had done this years ago!. Thank you very much"


Kam, Leeds



"I was convinced I couldn't drive anymore, doubting every decision I made while driving and always thinking I would do the wrong thing or just get it wrong!  This became worse when I moved to the UK from France where I learnt to drive and had become fearful of driving. Now, adding driving on the opposite side of the road increased any chance of me ever driving again! Or, so i thought....


Michael helped me understand what driving was really about an how simple it actually is in reality. With Michaels course and help I went from getting other people to drive me around to happlily driving all over, whether in the city centre, busy roads, parking and also on high speed roads. I now enjoy driving and I thank Michael so much!"


Clara, France & Leeds



"Before completing the course with Michael I was too anxious to drive, especially any routes that I didn't know or previously been on and would avoid driving at all costs! 


Up to and on my my first session of the course I didn't believe for one second that I would overcome this driving anxiety.  Michael completely simplified driving for me and helped me relax. 


Michael not only works on and changes your driving but he also works with your brain. I would highly recommend Michael, he is professional and empowering! 


If you are considering this course I would say go for it, you will not regret it! Thank you for all your help and I am buzzing and with driving and looking forward to driving wherever I want, when I want and feeling confident. Thanks again Michael!" 


Jesscica, Otley



"Before I got help from Michael on this specialist driving course I never thought I would drive again! I thought nobody could help me and it was ruining my life! I even had a car sat on my driveway for months that I would not dare drive!


Michael totally re trained me and most importantly how to actually drive properly. I had passed my test 3 years ago and just couldn't drive. I realised that I had been taught to drive wrongly with bad training.  Michael undid all the bad driving, re wired my brain and re trained me to drive properly - not only how to drive properly but safely, confidently and to the level of actually enjoying driving!


If you are thinking of doing this course and have any doubts in your mind about your driving or whether to do this course - do it, it will change your life!


Rochelle, Leeds



This experience was amazing!


Before I started this course I had no confidnece at all with driving and dreaded any journey or even the thought of it!  I even worried about this course before I started it!


This course has been totally fab!! It has changed my perceptions about driving totally - and now driving is just like walking!   I am now always excited about driving, really love driving and am totally at ease and confident with driving, anywhere, anytime.


I 100% recommend this to anyone with driving anxiety, fears or lack of confidence! 


I wish I had been trained to drive like this in the first place! And, if everyone was trained like this there would simply be no crashes or incidents! I now love driving!"


Karis Splain, Methley



"After being totally afraid to drive, especially driving on my own, I took this course with Michael. I now feel confident and even can say I enjoy driving. I now feel so happy to drive anywhere, and on my own, I am so pleased I took the plunge and did this course! Thank you!


Cleo E, Leeds



"I didn't ever think I would be able to drive again after having a bad accident that left me petrified of driving or getting behind the wheel ever again.


After 8 years of being a passenger and owing loads of favours for I decided it was time to face my fears and contacted Michael and booked this course.


I am totally amazed as to how far I have come and driving everywhere, in all situations very confidently and with no worry at all.


Thank you so much Michael I should have done this sooner, rather than worrying and thinking about it....... I have also just been out in my boyfriends car and driven him around, happily and confidently and am so proud of my driving now!


Nikki M, Leeds



"I had been petrified just at the thought of driving for years. I had been contemplating taking this course with Michael after reading the website for over 2 years. I eventually plucked up the courage and booked. Still being petrified about driving I had 2 panic attacks the morning of the first session.


By middle of the second session I knew this was going to work for me - and it has! Having now completed the 4 sessions I am totally changed, very happy and confident driving, anywhere, and it has totally changed my life!


If you are thinking about taking these sessions I say don't hold back - it really does change your life - it is completely unbelievable the change that Michael creates - brilliant!"


Sarah D, Leeds



"Before i came to Michael I had got to a point where I hated driving and avoided it at all costs, even just to the local shops! I didn't think i would ever enjoy driving again! 


But, Michael has been absolutely brilliant and has re trained my brain to not think and to just see everything and totally changed my driving - and now after 30 years of hating driving I now love driving again! I actually really enjoy driving!


Thank you so much for the training Michael, i am buzzing that I am a 'bloody good driver' again thanks to you - and for all your training, help and advice to get my head straight and 'park' my old driving issues for good. You really are the best instructor in the country!  - Cheers, Tim"


3 month update - "just to let you know that my driving is still bloody good and I have never looked back! I really enjoyed driving a hire car around Spainafter our course and have been realy relaxed with driving overall. I have now bought a new car and love driving again! I have even helped my wife with some of your techniques since our course too! Loving driving and thanks again! Tim"


Tim H, Keighley



"Following an accident 10 years ago I avoided driving and then totally convinced myself I couldn't drive and wouldn't ever drive again. As i got older I had more reasons why I actually wanted to drive and decided enough was enough and contacted Michael, got myself booked in and we had a brief chat to explain the process.


I was so nervous for days building up to the first session but even after the first session I saw and felt a change. We built and re built my driving (and mind) on the roads and went from strength to strength.


I now feel happy in all situations and fit a fully fledged, confident and safe driver!


Thank you!


Sarah C, Leeds



"I am so pleased I found Michael for this training after spending several years being terrified at the thought of driving at all. I had previously tried some refresher driving lessons but they didn't help me at all.


By the end of these few sessions with Michael I am feeling really confident driving and in all situations as well - thank you very much"


Helen F, Yeadon



"I hadn't driven for over 4 years and had got to a very anxious place which made driving very stressful. I decided I needed to do something about it and I found Michael's details on this website.


I wasn't sure if it would be for me however I am so glad I did this course. Michael totally changed the way my brain thought and approached driving as well as changed the style and way to drive, and by the end I learnt to trust myself more and gained so much confidence with the new skills and realise I can actually drive!


If you are reading through this, and wondering should I? The answer is Yes!"


Thanks Michael


Susie, Leeds



"Having just finished my course with Michael I have one piece of advice! If you are reading this and thinking of doing this Don't Put It Off!


I didn't think I would ever drive again after years of being anxious and frightened about driving and being on the road. After the four sessions I can now drive anywhere I want to, as I have comfortably proven. This has changed my whole life and perspective! Thank you very much!"


Vivien, Leeds



" It had taken me 15 years to learn to drive and I was becoming more and more anxious and nervous all the time. Until I met Michael that is! Michael has turned my whole driving experience around from 15 years of hell to passing my driving test First Time within 3 months and I even feel very confident and positive about driving.


I had wasted so much money with driving instructors that really didn't know how to help me or train me properly. Michael made driving really easy and straight forward and his training has made the driving easy and I can happily trust myself behind the wheel


Michael has mopped up my tears and made me laugh so much as well. I haven't ever felt so instantly comfortable and confident with a person before and now I have passed my test easily I am so happy I spent this time with Michael as I have learnt so much, not just about driving , but feeling and being positive and how to reduce anxiety in general life!


This is the best money I have ever spent! Totally Transformed! Vroom Vroom!


Sophie H, Bramley, Leeds



" After many years of hating driving and being so scared of driving, even just at the thought of it I didn't think I was ever capable of getting in a car and driving down the road before I started this course.


I had even tried refresher driving lessons and thought all the hard work and fighting would have to come from me! It didn't - my brain just needed to be re trained and properly trained, by Michael, to see everything and to learn to trust what I see and my own brain will actually sort the driving out for me - and it does, now it is trained properly! I now enjoy driving!"


Katy F, Garforth



"Before i came to Michael at I was all over the place with driving - confused, feeling anxious and wasn't getting anywhere. Even after a couple of hours I immediately felt much more confident.


By the time I had got to my test, I felt great, really confident, enjoyed driving and had no doubt I would pass - which I did on my first attempt with just 4 minor faults.


Not only did Michael boost my confidence and skills he trained and gave me the right mindset to drive, which I know will stay with me forever! Thank you Michael


Abbey A, Leeds



"For 5 years I told myself I couldn't drive! This 'phobia' had taken over my whole life and I felt no one understood or could help. It was such a revelation on my first session that many many other people had suffered the same and they had beaten it!


I am so pleased to say now that I have now got to drive safely and confidently, thanks to Michael, and I am so excited to finally have my freedom again!"


2 month update - " just letting you know I am now driving all over the place all the time, and even drove all the way to Cambridge! My partner still calls you a miracle worker! :)"


Bethany, Goole



"I used to feel a crippling anxiety just at the thought of driving, especially for driving on any unfarmilar routes, main roads and motorways which had restricted my lifestyle, career choices and my self  confidence far more than I had cared to admit to myself.


After a few sessions with Michael, my relationship with driving has completely changed from being fearful to finding it really much more intuitive, pleasurable and a feeling of being in control, all the time.


The process and techniques Michael uses has also given me tools to free up other areas of my life too... So, all in all, this a priceless course worth so much more than every penny!



Gayle, Sheffield, S Yorks



"Before I started this amazing process with Michael just the thought of driving made me feel sick!.  With Michaels' help and techniques my driving has now improved to the point where I am confident that i am not just a good enough driver but really feel good and confident when driving.


I now know that I don't even have to think about it and I finally feel like I am confident and really enjoy driving!  It feels great!  Many thanks


Vicky Scott, Leeds



"If you are reading this and not sure whether to book in - just do it!!  It's been so worth it and I am totally changed and a very happy and confident driver now - which I have never ever been before! 


Plus, the course is not at all scary at all - I am so glad I came - I actually now just wish I had come much sooner!


Emily Kittle, Fort William, Scotland



" I have just finished 4 sessions with Michael - before I started I was awful at driving, hated driving and was nervous and and anxious about driving - even just the thought of it!  I am amazed now how confident I am and how very natural my driving is now!


If you are scared or anxious about driving, believe me when I say it doesn't have to be like this - things can change, if you want them to - don't hesitate - give Michael a call."


Rebecca, Derby / Leeds



"I came to Michael after not driving a car for over 5 years and also being totally terrified of driving, even just at the thought of it.


After 4 sessions I never thought I would be able to drive again, let alone enjoy it..... but, here I am and I actually enjoy driving and feel super calm and confident  driving anywhere, in any situation, without even a thought about it! It's fab! Thank you so much


Tabatha, Hull



" Before I did this driving course with Michael I had got to a stage where I hadn't driven a car for over 2 years due to anxiety and nerves. It got that bad I was even anxious and nervous just sat in a car!


Now, after this course I have become a realy calm, confident and 'natural' driver that doesn't even hesitate before going for a drive! I love it! Thank you so much!"


Jessica, Leeds



"You may have convinced yourself that you are unable to drive!  I did, for many years!

Until I had a few sessions with Michael - he will show you a way to put you back on the road to success! He has got me to a confident and successful place with driving that I thought would never be real!"  If this is you - contact Michael - bear with the process and you too will find driving the same as walking!"


Pauline, Wakefield



"This is the best thing I have ever done!!


Having had a few bad experiences with driving I gave up as I didn't believe I could drive!  Now, after 4 sessions with Michael, I can drive, I know I can drive, plus I believe in myself and my ability! 


I now feel great and really confident driving, anywhere - Thank you very much!


Stephanie, Leeds



"I had been struggling with driving for a long time - avoiding driving and being extremely anxious about driving even when I wasn't driving!. Michael has given me the confidence to continue with my driving and has shown and trained me how simple driving actually is!


The sessions have been very enjoyable and I have surpassed what I had thought was possible and am now happy driving anywhere and any situation including town centre, busy ring roads and inner roads, motorways and driving to places I have never been before - all with ease and a feeling of confidence.


I would strongly recommend  Michael for anyone wanting to completely change their driving, their mindset with driving and eliminating any fears or anxiety!"


Carinna, Leeds



"I hated and avoided driving for many years and it was preventing me from being able to go places and do what i really wanted to. The level of anxiety caused by driving or even the thought of driving was so overwhelming and had begun to affect other areas of  my life too!


I took on the help of Michael - his well considered approach begun a structured plan of action which is totally tailored to suit your particular issues, anxieties, driving, all done with kindness, humour, honesty and total understanding with brilliant results


If you have any issues get yourself booked in with him - you will be amazed at the difference it will make to you, your driving and also other areas of your life.


Before starting I was convinced it would not work for me, especially after trying lots of other methods, help, therapies however I was wrong!


It is amazing and has made a total difference! I now drive all over the place, and drive very well and with confidence - plus have huge improvement in other areas of my life too!


I just wish I had come across Michael for help years ago!  Many thanks :)


Janice S, Leeds



"For years and years I didn't believe I could drive properly or even park a car properly. I was convinced  I would never even be able to drive or park!


I took the course with Michael out of sheer desparation. Not wanting to feel so inadequate and so helpless any more.


Having completed the course with Michael I now known that I can drive anywhere and park anywhere with ease and confidence and most importantly, safely.


Normal driving lessons would not have helped at all. The course is unique! It frees and re wires your mind. Michael is also unique!


If you feel you relate to any of the above then get in touch with Michael. I took an extra session, so 5 in total, howver it is the bst thing I have ever done!


In additon Michael is a lovely, lovely bloke who fixes you!


Thank you so much


Jeremy, North Yorkshire



"I just passed my driving test on first attempt! Totally amazing as I was previously extremely anxious about driving and for years even the thought of driving petrified me!


I am so pleased I came across Michael - in just 3 months he got me feeling confident, made it easy, totally calmed my head down and his techniques made it work!


If you ever feel as if you doubt yourself and your own abilities - don't worry because


Michael will train you how to succeed, in exactly the right way!


The skills I have learned don't just apply to driving but all aspects of my my life have improved dramtically - confidence, control and self belief!


Thank you very much!


Faye Wiggins, Yeadon



"I had struggled with driving for years thinking that my problem with driving was just one of confidence, but everything I tried to do to fix my driving just seemed to make the problem worse!


When I read the page on anxieties and, phobias and nerves with driving on the MJ Driving School website I was able to consider that my problem was more about anxiety rather than lacking experience.


Within the first hour of the first session I felt that Michael's techniques were going to work, and he had already corrected some of thinking about driving. With Michael's help I learned to see everything and once Michael trained my mind I learned to trust my subconscious so it really becomes just like walking. In addition Michael taught me how to avoid the many things that were increasing my anxiety, in particular my thought process.



I have already done lots of trips that would have totally avoided in the past and I feel like I have got my freedom and confidence back! "


Thank you Michael for 'fixing me!'


Sophie Barker, Leeds



"Because of fear and anxiety I hadn't driven for over 20 years and never thought I would ever again! However, I decided to give this a go.  


I have to say the whole experience has been totally amazing!  


Michael has re taught me to drive properly and confidently plus totally re wired my brain in relation to driving and I actuilally enjoy driving now and feel confident too - that much I am picking up my new car tomorrow - so exciting! Thank you very much - my life has changed!


Debbie McGee, Wakefield




"Having approached Michael with huge anxiety and fear of driving and general anxiety in my life I can now confidently say that thanks to Michaels help I feel awesome!


The techniques and process is simply life changing for me!  I really do simply go with what I see and trust my own mind to get it right - and it does! Over thinking, worrying and stressing really doesn't help - I won't be doing any more of that! Thank youvery much - I am now confident in driving and feel awesome in general"


Tara, Pontefract



"I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for getting me back on fast roads and motorways.


After a minor incident 2 years ago I developed a complete phobia of driving fast, in particular on a motorway or dual carriageway. Due to my job as a salesperson not driving is not an option so i found myself taking weird and long routes which made my life very difficult.


I had previously tried  everything from hypnotherapy and a course of CBT which didn't work and I became convinced of my restricted future.


As a lest resort, I found Michael on internet searches and in 6 sessions Michael properly identified the real issues (in my mind) surrounding the fears and anxietyies and he coached and trained me back to fast roads and motorways.


I am now driving confidently and I am practically a much better, safer driver.


I cannot recommend Michael highly enough to anyone who has similar problems or issues as I got the point of giving in and lost all hope but in no time he changed my life - thank you so much"


Sarah, Hemsley, North Yorkshire



"If you are reading this and have a fear, anxiety or phobia at all, or related to driving, it could NOT be any worse than I was!


I carried a fear and anxiety in general which was massive with driving for nearly 40 years!


Now, after a few sessions with Michael I can happily drive anywhere, anytime and with confidence! My wife and family love it and they don't suffer anymore either. They have commented that I am much calmer, happier and more confident in general as well as happily and safely driving them all over England.


If you have any type or level of anxiety, fear or phobia take my advice and do this - it works! It has changed my life! I love it! Thank you very much


Roy, West Yorks



"I can't recommend Michael highly enough!  I had previously had around 18 months worth of driving lessons without many progress because I was terrified of driving!


Michael's methods of training were totally different and I could feel improvement. Before I knew it I was feeling relaxed and confident. Passing my driving test and enjoying driving has transformed our family life, not least that i can now take my disabled daughter to school every day


Michael has completely different way to training driving and changing how your mind is in relation to driving - fantastic - don't hesitate to contact him if you are struggling to learn or don't like driving - he will change you!"


Fiona C, Leeds



"I had been terrified of driving ever since I passed my driving test over 20 years ago. I was that frightened of driving I could count the hours of driving in 20 years on my two hands!


Making the decision to book this driving help was the best choice I have ever made. 


Michael has totally rewired my brain for the best and changed how I drive and approach driving.  I can now happily drive anywhere confidently and naturally without a worry or thought.


I can confidently say, if you are thinking of contacting and booking or have any stress or anxiety with driving do not hesitate and go for it - you won't regret it!

Many thanks


Ruth, Chapel Allerton, Leeds



"What can I say........I now realise had never really learnt how to drive properly in the 26 years of holding a full driving licence! 


Having the great fortune of running in to Michaels web page and spending a few days with him has totally changed my whole driving and indeed my whole life!


As hard as it was for me all through, Michaels specialist skills and training techniques got me through! Thank you so much Michael. You are the best! I will now be your ambassador for change!


Thank you for pushing me....even to the point of breaking - it worked!  To anyone else out there - If I can do this and change and become confident again, you can do it too!"


Sincere Gratitude, Nicola, London



"Michael is simply by far the best driving instructor that I have had the good fortune to come across. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with driving anxieties or phobias - he really will make a difference


I was initially taught to drive badly, with two different instructors, numerous lessons and four attempts to pass the driving test, and found driving so stressful that I then didn't drive for 10 years. When I moved to Leeds, I had a few 'refresher' lessons with a national driving school, which were technically a little helpful but they didn't address my underlying anxiety with driving. I still made every possible excuse not to drive, and turned down invitations if driving was involved. i was getting increasingly embarrassed, and frustrated with myself and finally plucked up the courage to really do something about it


I was intrigued by Michael's use of NLP.  .He sussed out quickly what my issues with driving were, and I quickly trusted him to help me put them right. Over our sessions we worked on tweaking and improving my driving technique but, equally importantly, worked on my over-thinking, over worrying brain to reduce the negative associations that I had built up around driving. 


Michael was patient and very encouraging, and the sessions were surprisingly great fun too!


Within a couple of months, my driving improved so much, and I have driven loads more recently, plus to places that I would never have dreamt of driving to than I have in years. I am also feeling confident and proud now rather than frustrated"


Alison Moore, Leeds



"A big thank you for the massive help and encouragement you have given me with driving and anxiety.  Your no nonsense approach to training along with the clever techniques to re wire my brain with what my mind needs to be doing for driving has made the whole task enjoyable and rewarding.


Instead of worrying and getting anxious, I now look forward to and enjoy days out driving and not thinking - just letting my eyes give my brain all the information my brain needs, at the time.....A joy!. Thank you again"


David, Yeadon



A few crashes in quick succession put me off driving. I convinced myself that I couldn’t drive and I’d get anxious and physically upset at the thought of getting behind the wheel again. After more than 20 years I wanted my independence back but was terrified at the thought of driving again.


I saw this website, read the comments, and finally plucked up the courage to contact Michael to discuss my circumstances. I don’t like discussing my thoughts and feelings, and initially found this difficult but Michael was very understanding and confident that he could help.



Throughout the process he was patient, encouraging and helped me to think differently about driving. I’m really glad I took this huge step and would like to thank Michael for helping me to get back out there. 


Michelle, Leeds



"Don't live with your anxiety, do something positive about it to make a big change, very quickly....... Michael has made that big change for me, very quickly and made a huge difference to my life and driving!  Don't hesitate - just do it"  I was amazed how quick the positive change was - with amazing techniques ...Thank you very much Michael"

Julie B, Keighley



"Before my training sessions with Michael, I was getting ready to sell my car because I was too anxious to drive it and had also turned down a great job offer due to needing to drive.


In no time at all, Michael's training sessions transformed my approach to driving in a way I didn't think was at all possible!


Now, thanks to Michael's expertise I am 100% confident in my driving and have been offered another job that involves and requires driving - and I'm ready and happy!


A truly unique approach and a fantastic trainer and mentor whom I highly recommend to anyone! Thank you very much"


Jen Humpheson, Bradford



"Before Michael started working on me "I hadn't really been driving for well over a year, never really enjoying driving and often made excuses to avoid driving before I completely stopped driving altogether


The not driving affected my career and made me choose alternative roles and jobs involving no driving. My whole life was being held back by not driving and being mobile


I will be honest - I was a little sceptical of how Michael could cure my fear and overall dislike for driving. However, within no time at all he changed my way of thinking about driving, has removed the fear of driving and actually made me happy about any journey and the prospect of driving 


Not only that but at the same time he has addressed other confidence issues in my life, low self esteem and self doubt leaving me full of energy, confidence and finding my love for life again.


Now...I actually 'like and enjoy' driving - and I never thought i would say that!

Thank you so much Michael"


Jennifer Whitfield, York



I had anxieties and issues with driving that had massively affected my confidence with myself and my driving and it got so bad I simply stopped driving.


Now, 6 months later, after my training sessions with you (Michael) I wanted to let you (and anyone else thinking of getting help) know it has all worked brilliantly - I have no driving issues at all plus my overall general confidence is massively up


I am happy driving anywhere anytime and feel confident on motorways and also driven to loads of places I have never been before.


I want to let you and any other people know that your driver training, NLP and other techniques really do work and have massively helped me - both with my driving and with helping me to make changes in my life and career too.


I highly recommed you and your training to anyone who has any problems or lack of confidence - do not hesitate - do it - it works!"


Charlotte Thomas, Leeds



"For a number of reasons, I recently developed a serious driving anxiety which was impacting my life and independence in ways that I could never have anticipated.  I have a brand new car that has hardly been used as my anxiety has escalated. I understand why I was anxious but I couldn't control or rationalise it


I've recently had 3 sessions with Michael and have re-learnt to drive physically and mentally.  The NLP and Mind Training techniques he uses combined with learning/re-learning how to drive have been very helpful and highly effective. In a short time there have been positive changes and enjoy driving - I now look forward to going out more instead of dreading going anywhere


My message to anyone reading this website is, you don't have to live with anxiety/phobia about driving.  Michael can and will help.


Thank you Michael.


Jacky Butler, Bradford"



Having spent 2 years trying to learn to drive and pass a driving test I became so anxious and stressed - about driving, me and test. Having failed 6 tests I was just getting worse and more and more anxious and wound up


I  tried several driving instructors and then contacted Michael . Within a short time he totally transformed my driving, my mind and I easily passed the driving test on the next time with just 4 minor faults.


I really feel and am a confident and competent driver and I can assure you there is no better driving instructor and confidence builder than Michael - I tried several others before and noticed the huge change very quickly. If you are struggling with driving in any shape or form I recommend you contact Michael - well worth the money!


Catherine Porter, Kippax



Despite being a fairly confident driver on known roads and routes for approximately 20 years the thought of motorway driving, even as a passenger has filled me with fear, anxiety, dread and physical avoidance for many years. I would get sweaty palms, have nightmares, become breathless and very tense to the extent that I couldn’t think what I was doing, I would just want to stop the car and escape the situation.


After landing a job that requires me to travel, I looked for advanced driving courses and came across Liam who offers therapy driving courses to drivers of all abilities. Thinking that I was a pretty safe driver I didn’t really know how it would work or what else I could actually learn about driving however I knew I had severe anxiety in relation to unknown busy roads and motorways; and being a therapist myself I am aware how powerful thoughts can be in relation to affecting a persons physical behaviours and decided it was worth a go.


Liam is a driving instructor who specialises in using psychological therapies combined with driving instruction to reduce anxiety and build confidence, to banish panic and restore calm whilst re-mastering the roads. On my 1st lesson, I drove on some familiar roads and was amazed that Liam was able to pin point some common mistakes I was making, such as struggling to read the speed of over road vehicles, as I was looking in the wrong mirrors; helping correct some very basic habits was the key to increasing my confidence.


By lesson 2 I was on the busy M62 motorway heading to Manchester in thick fog, all the time Liam was reassuring me, and verbally prompting were necessary; I was remarkably calm. At this point I knew these lessons were going to a game changer and open up the freedom of the roads to me. At the end of 4 lessons I now feel confident and calm  at the thought of my upcoming trip across the country. My overall driving, concentration, road awareness, and observations have all improved...and my driving anxiety is a thing of the past.


If I can offer any advice to other nervous or anxious passengers, I would say don’t wait as long as I did to seek help, pick up the phone, ring Liam and talk about your fears and feelings. Liam is extremely calm, understanding and a pleasure to have by your side.


Huge thanks, I will be forever grateful





"After 13 years of not driving a car I decided to take some driving lessons before going back on the road. I was looking for a driving instructor who can help me overcome the anxiety and lack of confidence in driving.



Then I came across Michael and what he has to offer (through his website) sounded very promising.


I must say I did not regret my decision on the choice of driving instructor. Michael is TOP. He has catered for my individual needs to become a good driver again by giving me brilliant advice and enough time to practise.


His teaching and learning methods are ones that will make every person become an excellent driver in a short period of time.


I have had so much fun on my journeys and can highly recommend Michael as the BEST driving instructor!!! Thank you, Michael :-)"


Marcella Mueller, Leeds / Germany



After on and off driving lessons for a number of years, followed by an 8 year gap without any driving at all, I decided to contact Liam for some therapy driving lessons.  I’d never enjoyed driving, in fact, I disliked it and feared it….I’d avoided talking about driving, getting into any situation where the conversation would come up and it had become a huge problem.


Today, after a number of driving therapy sessions with Liam, I have passed my test.  To me, it feels like a first time pass, as it had been so long and looking back, I had never, ever wanted to pass the test until now.  Liam has taught me how to enjoy driving, not fear it.  By the time I got to the test day itself, I was fully prepared and knew that it was absolutely within my capabilities to pass…I think I even enjoyed it a little.


To me, Liam is nothing short of a miracle worker.  I would recommend him to anyone who has driving anxiety..whether that be a fear of the test, a fear of certain types of driving, a dislike or avoidance of driving.  I have passed my test and I now enjoy driving…I never thought that day would come.


Thank you Liam.  Your help has been both life changing and amazing.  I’ll be eternally grateful.





"If you want to be a safe, confident and excellent driver, Michael is most definitely your man!


The swift progress I have made from the benefits of the amazing techniques used has been exciting and wonderful to experience.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael to anyone with any issues, problems, lack of confidence or anxiety who wants to be a great and confident driver"


Andy Roberts 



"It’s only after a couple of weeks after my end journey with Liam, that it dawned on me that I didn’t feel scared on the road.

It’s empowering to feel that a person can go from being a nervous wreck just thinking about the thought of driving let alone actually doing it.

The other day my husband couldn’t get into the driver’s seat, as another car was parked so close. I didn’t think twice about getting into the car and reversing it out for him. For me it’s the fact that I didn’t feel scared. Thanks Liam for your patient support."




"Having not driven for over 10 years, and feeling nervous about driving again, I needed some help and a course of refresher lessons and someone mentioned Michael’s name.


Over a couple of months he has totally transformed my driving.


I have gone from being a nervous driver to a relaxed driver, I feel confident and safe in all situations and driving is now a real pleasure.


I cannot recommend Michael highly enough - give him a ring and you will never look back!"


Adele Barraclough, Leeds



I'd avoided motorways for nearly 2 years.

Anxious sometimes as a passenger.

Doubting my ability to control anxiety.


Now feel confident from spending time with Liam doing the following:


-Toning up my driving, eliminating bad habits.

-Understanding triggers and that anxiety is to be acknowledged/understood and not fought.

-Driving on motorways, M606, M62, M1 North and South.

-Putting checks in to practice to change my thought process when anxiety levels started to rise.


I now feel capable of putting those things to use should I need to in the future.

I feel in control and excited to drive again.





"I had got myself in a bad place with driving and would only drive local routes or roads I knew and even avoided that as often as I could. It became annoying and was getting me down, especially as there is a car parked on my driveway most days that i could have been using.


The whole problem was getting bigger and more noticeable and affecting my general confidence as was avoiding going places and meeting friends or doing things I could have been doing - I found Michael and thought - give it a go!


It was most definitely the best thing I did. Michael totally re-wired my brain and thought process plus hugely simplified driving and made it so easy. It wasn't long before my confidence and approach totally changed and now I drive anywhere, anytime and without even thinking about it.


On top of repairing my driving I feel that Michael's techniques and work has changed my generally over thinking anxious mind in to a much calmer happier mind - this training really is unique and nothing like regular driving lessons at all - I was amazed, and now happy and confident


June M, Hull



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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a word we use to describe feelings of unease, worry and fear. It incorporates both the emotions and the physical sensations we might experience when we are worried or nervous about something. Although we usually find it unpleasant, anxiety is related to the 'fight or flight response' – our normal biological reaction to feeling threatened.

We all know what it’s like to feel anxious from time to time. It’s common to feel tense, nervous and perhaps fearful at the thought of a stressful event or decision you’re facing – especially if it could have a big impact on your life. For example:

  • sitting an exam or test (eg driving test)
  • going into hospital
  • attending an interview
  • starting a new job
  • moving away from home
  • having a baby
  • being diagnosed with an illness
  • deciding to get married or divorced
  • driving or certain areas of driving

In situations like these it’s understandable to have worries about how you will perform, or what the outcome will be. For a short time you might even find it hard to sleep, eat or concentrate. Then usually, after a short while or when the situation has passed, the feelings of worry stop.


What is the 'fight or flight' response?

Like all other animals, human beings have evolved ways to help us protect ourselves from dangerous, life-threatening situations. When you feel under threat your body releases hormones, such as adrenalin and cortisol, which help physically prepare you to either fight the danger or run away from it. These hormones can:

  • make you feel more alert, so you can act faster
  • make your heart beat faster to carry blood quickly to where it’s needed most

Then when you feel the danger has passed, your body releases other hormones to help your muscles relax, which may cause you to shake.

This is commonly called the ‘fight or flight’ response – it’s something that happens automatically in our bodies, and we have no control over it. In modern society we don’t usually face situations where we need to physically fight or flee from danger, but our biological response to feeling threatened is still the same.


Fears and Phobias

Fears, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety are fairly common and experts believe that approximately 1 in 10 people in the UK suffer at some point in their life.

Phobias and fears related to driving in some way is one of the most common.

Whether it is a fear of the driving test, a fear of learning to drive or driving fears and phobias such as motorway driving, dealing with bridges, overtaking, to a total fear of driving, or if you are suffering lack of confidence driving following a motoring accident or just a long absence from driving there is help available for you.

As well as being one of the most experienced and highly qualified driving instructors in the UK who regularly uses coaching and NLP techniques in every day driver training with fantastic results, I am also a fully qualified and certified NLP Practitioner and have developed some highly successful techniques to assist drivers with any phobia or fear, panic attack or nerves.

Phobias are wonderful things as they perfectly illustrate your capacity to learn. Most phobias are created in an instant, yet last a lifetime. We never forget to have an emotional response when exposed to the subject of our phobia and it takes no conscious effort to retain such a powerful connection. This is learning at its very best, and illustrates how immensely powerful your subconscious mind is.


When we develop a phobia we are creating an association between a stimulus, the object of the phobia, and a response, usually fear. Using NLP techniques, it is possible to break that association very easily, thus eliminating the phobia. It is not necessary to know how, why or when the association was made in the first place and the process used to break the association is fast and easy.



Phobias are fears. Fear is a normal part of life, and there are many things in life which can be dangerous or painful - such as wasps, muggers, car crashes and having operations. Anyone might be afraid of such things - or at least anxious about them. This is normal. Sensible people take precautions to avoid being hurt or injured by things that are genuinely dangerous.


In this sense, anxiety is very useful. It warns you when danger is threatening. Severe anxiety - fear - can also be useful. When we find ourselves in a situation of real danger - like being faced by a robber in a dark alley - the fear reaction is just what we need.


It releases adrenaline and other chemicals into our blood, and these speed up our heartbeat, sharpen our senses and heighten our physical powers. These changes prepare us for what is called ‘flight or fight’ - either to fight for our lives, or to run for them.


A phobia is a disorder in which the body reacts in exactly the same way, and we experience exactly the same feelings of anxiety and fear - but in situations where there is absolutely no need for ‘flight or fight’. It is as if our body and mind have lost all sense of proportion, and internally scream ‘danger!’ at the least little thing - like crossing a footbridge, encountering a cat, or driving across town. But no matter how harmless the feared thing may be, for a phobic person the fear reaction is every bit as real as if the cause was really life threatening. People with phobias usually realise all too well that their reaction is irrational, but this makes no difference to its effect.


The level of the symptoms that people with phobias experience varies a great deal, from mild anxiety to very severe panic and terror. While some people simply feel a bit nervous when they have to drive, others can barely cope with the anxiety.


But there are also people who have full-scale panic attacks at the wheel, and soon give up driving altogether because of the terror that grips them when they try to do so.


In fact these frightening feelings are exactly the same thing that ‘normal’ people feel in situations that really are dangerous. Soldiers in a battle feel exactly that way. The only thing different about a phobia, is that there is no logical reason for the fear.


But phobias aren’t just severe anxiety: the anxiety is turned into a phobia by avoidance.


In the early stages of a driving phobia, the person affected sometimes tries to overcome their fears head on, by brief ventures into the feared situation, usually retreating instantly when anxiety arises. This avoidance brings a reduction of the tension, and rapidly becomes a habit, so that the next attempt becomes more difficult, and so on until the attempts to face the problem stop altogether. Avoiding the situations that make us feel frightened makes us more sensitive to those situations, and ‘conditions’ us to fear them even more.


Avoidance is like retreating from an enemy. We may feel safer to begin with, but we’re letting the enemy get us on the run. And we have to retreat further and further, until we find that a huge slice of our world has been grabbed away from us.


This is why phobias can be such a big problem. Because we tend to avoid the things we fear, the fear can worsen very rapidly. To recover, we need to put that process into reverse.


The fear reaction is virtually automatic, and very difficult to control. In the early period of human development, it was a useful survival trait: as a soft bodied species surrounded by predators, we needed an instant response that would get us out of trouble, something that would not allow our inquisitive brains to let us linger looking for the cause. However, humans learn quickly and we can train ourselves to respond positively to threats, and not to react with terror to things which prove, with experience, to be harmless. Lion tamers, tight-rope walkers, scaffolders and firemen have all learnt to handle potentially dangerous situations safely. If this were not true, we would still be cowering in the backs of caves!



Like other phobias, driving phobia can produce the unpleasant physical symptoms of ‘normal’ fear:


  • heart palpitations
  • feeling sick
  • chest pains
  • difficulty breathing
  • dizziness
  • ‘jelly legs’
  • feeling ‘unreal’
  • intense sweating
  • feeling faint
  • dry throat
  • restricted or ‘fuzzy’ vision or hearing.

In severe cases, people may feel certain that they are about to die, go mad, or lose control of themselves and injure someone, or do something disgusting and humiliating. Most of all they feel an overpowering urge to ‘escape’ from the situation they are in. They also develop an acute fear of repeating these very unpleasant experiences, and this is what really gives the phobia its power.


Of course, these are feelings, not reality. The plain truth is that even the worst panic attacks do not cause any long-term ill-effects, and people simply do not die, go mad, or cause mayhem as a result.

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