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"I would highly recommend MJ Driving School if you want First Class instructors and service. My instructor was amazing - helped me gain confidence and made learning to drive feel easy. Thank you MJ for

a really great experience and helping me pass

my driving test

First Time!"

Lucy Taylor

"The best driving instructor any type of learner could ask for.....I very highly recommend MJ Driving School"

Chloe Brotherton

"Thanks for helping me pass my driving test first time MJ Driving School. Your great teaching methods made it really easy to learn, and fun too, plus you filled me with confidence right from the start! Thank you"

Lucy Campbell


"Before finding MJ Driving School I had several driving test attempts with several other driving schools - non seemed to be able to get me confident or have the skills needed to pass the test, never mind be a good driver!

 Following a course of lessons with MJ Driving School I easily passed the driving test with only 3 minor faults - and I didn't even feel nervous on test - it seemed so easy!

 The techniques MJ uses to train you are totally different and amazing compared to those of any other instructor and within a short period of time I totally 'got it' and found driving easy plus I felt really confident - hence passing my driving test easily!

I now feel very confident in driving and I know I have been trained properly - I simply couldn't have wished for a better driving instructor - wish I had met him years ago!!

 I am forever grateful!!"

 Meena Sanbhi, 

"MJ is a really great driving school! My instructor made me feel very comfortable and confident driving a car in any situation and i'm so pleased he got me to pass my driving test first time! I would highly recommend

MJ Driving School anyday!"

     Sophie Lister

"If you want to be a safe, confident and excellent driver, MJ Driving is most definitely your place! 

I would have no hesitation in recommending MJ Driving School to anyone who wants to be a great driver"

 Andy Roberts

"I've just had driving lessons with MJ Driving School - I have learnt how to drive properly and with confidence plus how to be relaxed and really enjoy driving! 

I am now so happy to have passed my driving test first time!!

 I can say, with total confidence, that MJ is the best driving school around and I would and will happily recommend them to anyone!

Aine Ruddy


184 021


0800 612 89 23

0113 269 3447

"If you want to learn to drive properly and become a really good driver you should learn to drive with MJ Driving School - they really are the best, help you loads, and great fun too!

 Thanks for helping me pass my driving test easily "

 Kieran Smythe

"I would most definitely recommend MJ Driving School to anyone who wants a really good, highly qualified driving instructor who knows what they are doing!!

MJ taught and explained to me exactly how to drive a car correctly; he made it really easy and simple to understand, which allowed my confidence to build far more than ever before, and subsequently I am so happy that I have now passed my driving test on my first attempt!!

Thank you!"

 Rayniece Holding


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269 3447

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a Driving Instructor

"MJ Driving School has simply been brilliant, right from the start to passing my driving test first time!

My instructor changed me from being a nervous learner driver with no confidence to a really good, confident and safe driver.

 I thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons and learning process and especially the end result of passing my test first time - I would highly recommend MJ Driving School to anyone"

 Ben Robertson

"I'm so happy to have passed my driving test First Time - Thanks to my MJ Driving Instructor- The Best Driving School, Ever! I would most definitely highly recommend MJ Driving School"

 Philippa Priestley

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Supervising a Learner Driver



M J Driving School Leeds                                


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Supervising a Learner Driver


Save Money - Reduce Number of Driving Lessons Required


According to Driving Standards Agency and recent research the average learner driver requires around 40 - 45 hours professional tuition along with around 20 - 25 hours private practice to pass the driving test. Having said that - everyone is different and some reach a safe and competent standard a lot sooner and some take considerably longer.


The main aim is for someone to be safe, competent and confident in their driving.


As an experienced driving instructor I have always encouraged learners to seek additional practice and experience wherever and whenever possible.


Normally I would suggest the learner covers a few hours with an instructor initially to overcome any initial nerves, gain confidence with car control and a basic understanding of procedures to use.


Guidelines and Advice on what to look for when choosing a driving instructor


Once a learner has reached a certain basic standard of car control a great deal of the learning process involves 'practice'. The learner will of course be practising at all times on all driving lessons at the same time as learning something new each time. .


If it is possible for a learner to gain some private practice with a relative, friend or work colleague it can be highly beneficial and assist the learning process speed and often reduces the number of paid driving lessons required! 



For the private practice to be the most beneficial, and indeed safe for the learner and supervisor it is recommended the intended supervisor gains some knowledge of practices and procedures; along with best things to practice, how to recognise any faults and how to assist the learner in improving and developing; as well as gaining an insight and knowledge about the modern day driving test requirements.



To assist you we are happy to book an in car session lasting 2 hours, with any intended supervisor / parent to assist you and the learner driver. This session will also provide the supervisor with the added confidence of knowing they are doing or saying the right things, at the right time and ultimately benefitting the learning process and assisting in making a safe and competent driver.


You will be guided on how best to assist the learning process and how to use valuable coaching techniques which will make your time in the car easier and safer plus assists the learner to develop themselves too.


Following this session you will find that the learner will benefit far more from any additional practice and also could save you money on the number of hours actual driving lessons required.


You can book this valuable 2 hour, in car, supervisor session for any for only £45.


The session will be conducted in the driving school car.

Advice notes and private practice logs will also be provided.



Remember: A learner driver supervisor must have held a Full Driving Licence for a minimum of 3 years and be at least 21 years of age.




To learn more or arrange a supervisor session please contact


0800 612 89 23   or   07496 184 021





The following video, by DSA,  will provide some insight in to taking

practical driving test.






Just a little refresher video about the Highway Code:






To View a full online version of the Highway Code click here to go direct to Driving Test Page and then click the image of a Highway Code





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