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"If you are wondering whether to do this course due to driving anxiety or nerves - Just Do It!! You will not regret it!

I never thought I would ever enjoy driving a car, or find it easy, or not worry about it! Now, having completed this course - I do! I now enjoy driving, feel calm and confident and find it so easy!"

Thank you Michael

Fiona, Bradford
"How far i've come! I was a whole different driver before I started with Michael. I would cry after every driving lesson, and feel sick with nerves before I would start a lesson.

My mind would hum with anxiety. stress and thoughts that would distract me from focussing on the roads. Michael totally changed all that!

Now I drive without questioning and without any stress and anxiety and I can confidently say I am a good driver, as many other people have told me - including the driving test examiner who passed me with just 3 minor faults and said I was a lovely driver.

Thank you Michael - you are the best decision I made on my driving journey!

Lucy, Wakefield
"I had previously had driving lessons prior to Michael but due to stress, anxiety and nerves I never got anywhere near being or feeling confident with driving.

Now, in less than 6 months, I have just passed my driving test on the first attempt with only 2 minor faults!

I am so excited to go and drive now and the lessons with Michael and his techniques and training style are the reason why I am a good driver, I enjoy driving and find it easy! 

Thank you very much Michael"

Ameila S, Leeds 9
"Having never ever felt confident behind the wheel of a car, always feeling anxious and worrying about driving, to ultimately having panic attacks while driving - especially while at higher speeds, I then managed to totally avoid driving for 15 years!

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine driving could be fun, enjoyable with a feeling of calmness and confidence and be anything within my capabilities until I completed the anxiety driving course with Michael.

I am now a very happy and confident driver and actually enjoy driving - all thanks to the expertise, patience and training of Michael who made the whole course and outcome a genuinely enjoyable experience overall.

Thank you Michael"

Christina, Leeds 8
"I had got myself in to a really difficult and restricting place which stopped me from driving. I gained a fear would panic at just the thought of driving. I could not understand especially as I had been a confident driver for years.

Following some research and a Google search I came across Michael and his course, and with some scepticism, I booked on

Now, having finished the course I am so glad I decided to book and do the driving help with Michael as I am now a confident, happy driver and able to drive anywhere anytime. Michael totally sorted my head out along with improving my driving

This has changed my life - thank you so much!"

Michael H, Pontefract

I cannot recommend Michael enough! he has been a great source of encouragement and support throughout my driving lessons.

Michael has taught me how to stay calm and focussed when driving which has made the whole learning process very enjoyable.

All the driving lessons with Michael have been fun, relaxed and very insightful,

If you are looking for someone that will put you at ease immediately and help you believe in yourself, then I highly recommend Michael - especially if you have any fears, anxiety or worries about driving.

He has taught me how to trust myself, which has done wonders to develop my confidence with driving.

Thank you for everything, Farrah A Leeds
"I cannot praise Michael and his techniques enough!. When I initially called him I was crying even thinking about driving!

I had passed my driving test a few years previously in a small town without much experience prior to passing. After passing my test I hardly drove at all and after moving to Leeds, my fear of driving increased so much that even the thought of would make me panic or result in tears. As a generally rational person, I really wanted to fix this anxiety, especially as my work were suggesting I needed to drive - which was something I would totally avoid at all costs.

Michaels approach and techniques completely transformed the way I see, and my reaction to driving. Yesterday I drove my fiance and Mum to a friends house without even thinking about and my passengers couldn't believe how confident, safe and calm I was while driving.

When starting the course I was a little sceptical it would work for me, but Michael's wrath of knowledge, experience, skill and techniques greatly surpassed any of my expectations.

I drove every day last week! Not only am I driving all the time confidently, I am happy driving anywhere, in any situation and on any road - fast, slow, busy - it's great! I now love driving!

If you told me that a few months ago I would have thought it impossible. If any of this sounds familiar, I urge you, give Michael a call, now! Thank you so much again Michael for your excellent transformational work

Alex K, Leeds
Before doing this course with Michael I was an absolute mess! Just the thought of driving would turn me into a stiff board of nerves and anxiety.

Now, having done this course I have totally changed - and it has changed my life! Even when I think about driving it brings a forward feeling of excitement, fun and enjoyment! I really enjoy driving and feel so confident now!

My advice is if you avoid driving, don't enjoy driving, are scared, nervous or anxious about driving DO THIS COURSE!!

It is the best money I have spent in years and years - worth every single penny, even after the first session!

Thank you!

Tom, Leeds

It is the best money
Googling driving anxiety and coming across Michael's website was the best Christmas present I could ever have given myself!

Michael initially spoke to me on the phone and, even though I had hated driving, felt anxious driving and had only managed very short bursts of driving in an automatic car, he reassured me that all will be fine....

I was so grateful that someone could actually understand how I was feeling, and how I was thinking and how that ultimately had massive detrimental affect on my driving, and that they could see a way of helping me! Michael changed my thought process and how i drive.

After this 4 session course over two weeks I am amazed and feel genuinely transformed! This is so life changing for me! Thank you Michael

Meera, Leeds
Michaels techniques hugely helped me to feel calm, confident and safe while driving - which I had previously never thought was possible!

I actually looked forward to, and enjoyed my lessons - which with previous instructors I used to dread! I had failed many driving tests prior to Michael - and now I have successfully passed - and feel confident too!

Overall fantastic instructor that I would highly recommend, especially for people who experience anxiety!
Michael is an absolute miracle worker!

I had previously had so many driving lessons over several years from different driving instructors and nothing was making me any less of a nervous driver..... I couldn't see any likelihood of improvement so did some research online and found Michael's course.

After speaking to him and a couple of his previous clients I decided to give the course a go.

Even after the first session I knew it was going to help me so much. I finished the course, as as I was still a learner we did a few regular lessons up to a driving test and in just a few months from starting the course I passed my driving test first time!

Michael will make you think about driving in an entirely different way, makes it easy and even makes you enjoy driving!

I cannot recommend his course enough! Many thanks

Maria T, Bristol

"I spent nearly 15 years worrying and thinking about driving! Now I have completed my course with Michael I will say JUST DO IT..... It will change your life!

From what may seem impossible now it all starts to change even from the first session. Everything will change, your mindset, your driving, your thinking and you will become a new, confident and amazing driver!

Michael is amazing at what he does and how he does it. He totally understands what is the problem and how to fix it. He is very patient and makes the whole process so much better, even enjoyable and fun plus he has a crazy sense of humour which helps too!...... I wish I had done this years ago!. Thank you very much"

Kam, Leeds

This course with Michael is the best thing I ever did! I passed my driving test years ago, after hating driving while learning and became so anxious with driving as I never felt confident enough to drive, so just avoided it for years. I tried a few refresher lessons over the years but they didn't help at all.

Now, after these 4 sessions if feel very confident and happy, as well as safe and don't worry about it at all - I can't wait to be driving loads in my car!

Craig, Yeadon
"Before I began this course with Michael I was a nervous wreck and absolutely convinced that I couldn't drive, would never be able to cope with driving and that nothing or no one would be able to help me!

Now, having completed this 4 session course with Michael, I feel like a totally different person in general: more relaxed and definitely more confident in myself with most things in my life overall, plus I feel a very confident, natural, safe and happy driver! Amazing!!

Andrew, Leeds
I started driving lessons in Feb 2021 with a local recommended driving instructor who I got on well with but just couldn't seem to relax and calm my nerves and panicking even after 40 plus hours.

Feeling defeated I decided to look for someone who would understand the panic and anxiety and help me through it. I wasn't sure what to expect or even if it was possible as my anxiety was all consuming and I was terrified of being in the drivers seat and being on the road.

I found Michael and booked. The first session I had really opened my eyes about how the brain works and how my brain was currently dealing with stress and panic and worked through how to change it. Michael made me so at ease and made the sessions fun which I felt was so important after I had been dreading the previous lessons. After the initial 4 sessions I felt a massive shift in the way I was talking to myself and thinking about driving and the panic was hugely decreasing.

I knew I had found the right person to not only help me to overcome panic and anxiety but to become a safe and confident driver. I was enjoying my lessons and my confidence increased all the time to the point where I have just passed my driving test on the first attempt!

I would 100% recommend Michael for helping anyone with fear, anxiety or panic of driving as he is sure to make a happy, safe and confident driver out of you.

I also found Michaels techniques have massively helped with many aspects of panic and anxiety in other areas of my life so would recommend him to anyone with general anxiety, stress or panics to help you even if not involving driving

A totally brilliant bloke, funny, easy to get on with and without a doubt the best driving instructor ever!

Jessica G, Huddersfield
"Before i came to Michael I had got to a point where I hated driving and avoided it at all costs, even just to the local shops! I didn't think i would ever enjoy driving again!

But, Michael has been absolutely brilliant and has re trained my brain to not think and to just see everything and totally changed my driving - and now after 30 years of hating driving I now love driving again! I actually really enjoy driving!

Thank you so much for the training Michael, i am buzzing that I am a 'bloody good driver' again thanks to you - and for all your training, help and advice to get my head straight and 'park' my old driving issues for good. You really are the best instructor in the country! - Cheers, Tim"

3 month update - "just to let you know that my driving is still bloody good and I have never looked back! I really enjoyed driving a hire car around Spain after our course and have been really relaxed with driving overall. I have now bought a new car and love driving again! I have even helped my wife with some of your techniques since our course too! Loving driving and thanks again! Tim"

Tim H, Keighley
"If you are reading this and not sure whether to book in - just do it!! It's been so worth it and I am totally changed and a very happy and confident driver now - which I have never ever been before!

Plus, the course is not at all scary at all - I am so glad I came - I actually now just wish I had come much sooner!

Emily Kittle, Fort William, Scotland
"Before I started this amazing process with Michael just the thought of driving made me feel sick!. With Michaels' help and techniques my driving has now improved to the point where I am confident that i am not just a good enough driver but really feel good and confident when driving.

I now know that I don't even have to think about it and I finally feel like I am confident and really enjoy driving! It feels great! Many thanks
Vicky Scott, Leeds

"I cannot thank Michael enough for his patience and kindness on my journey to learn to drive. I never thought I would be able to drive, every time I got in the car or even thought about driving I would be shaking and crying! The first day I met Michael I was in floods of tears and reluctant to even get in the car; but today I have passed my driving test with only one minor fault, plus I feel really confident and happy driving. So so pleased and wait to be out on the roads and enjoying my new life. If you are nervous or anxious about driving this course is perfect for you and Michael will change you and guide you and your brain through every step of the way!". Thank you Michael, Lucy K
"After many years of hating driving and being so scared of driving, even just at the thought of it I didn't think I was ever capable of getting in a car and driving down the road before I started this course.

I had even tried refresher driving lessons and thought all the hard work and fighting would have to come from me! It didn't - my brain just needed to be re trained and properly trained, by Michael, to see everything and to learn to trust what I see and my own brain will actually sort the driving out for me - and it does, now it is trained properly! I now enjoy driving!"

Katy F, Garforth
"Just wanted to update and let you know, one year on from my anxiety course with you, that my fear and anxiety with driving is well in the past and never shows up! I moved back to France last year too and started driving again - I couldn't believe how easy and natural it felt. In the middle of so many life changes, my ability to drive has restored my self esteem - and every time I got behind the wheel I would hear your voice - trust my eyes and brain - and it works! I have driven all over, on motorways, city centres, Switzerland and the mountains! I am just so grateful I cam across you and your website. You are one of a kind! I even get loads of compliments about by driving - people feel comfortable and safe with me - thanks so much! Clara, France
For over 20 years I have hardly driven and had huge fears of so many aspects of driving and when I used to try and drive I would have panic attacks, sweaty palms and terrible thoughts. It resulted in me pulling and not driving so eventually I just gave up.

I had several hypnotherapy sessions to help me but they made no difference at all. But, now, incredibly, and utterly amazingly, after just 4 sessions with Michael I am so happy and confident driving, and even know I am a good driver, I am so excited for my future trips and journeys ahead. This course has and will totally changed my life! Thank you so much Michael

Jackie, F, Leeds
Before I took this course with Michael I felt very anxious at even the thought of driving a car! After crashing my car early on after passing my test my confidence was crushed. Over the years I tried refresher driving lessons with some driving instructors and even family members - all seemed to make me worse!

Now, after working with Michael I feel like a totally different person! I feel confident and safe on the road and to be out on my own! Throughout the course Michael made me feel at ease the whole time and went a pace that worked for me - after the first session I didn't dread the thought of driving and actually looked forward to the rest of the sessions and can actually say I enjoyed the lessons and the whole process!

If you feel anxious or nervous about driving don't put it off - get yourself booked on! My only regret is I didn't do this course with Michael sooner than I did!

Hanneka, Rawdon
"After being totally afraid to drive, especially driving on my own, I took this course with Michael. I now feel confident and even can say I enjoy driving. I now feel so happy to drive anywhere, and on my own, I am so pleased I took the plunge and did this course! Thank you!
"I hated driving for years and totally avoided it. After doing the course with Michael I feel very confident in a car and have even got the point of enjoying driving! I have learnt so much about driving and how easy it really is. Plus Michael is a really great instructor and a very nice person indeed!
"I had avoided driving for 27 years following an accident, and was absolutely petrified of driving. Now, having done this course with Michael i now feel 100% confident driving on the roads and would highly recommend this course for anyone.
Michael understood and cared for my nerves from the minute I sat in the car and then he steadily re built me, my mind and my driving. The driving and the whole process with Michael was an absolute pleasure and he broke me out of my brain dead state!
Before seeing Michael I tried a couple of refresher driving lessons a few years ago but that didn't help at all, so don't do what I did and put it off for years after my accident just call Michael and he will get you back on the road with confidence. Thank you so much
"Before this driving course with Michael I was terrified of driving and had been since passing my driving test 18 years ago to the point that I had totally stopped driving for the last several years.
Finding the lack of driving was becoming more of a problem, really limiting on my life and freedom it was playing on my mind even more.
This driving course has massively improved my general confidence and my driving confidence, ability and skills and am now excited about driving every day!!

Thank you!
After passing my driving test I drove for a couple of years but then got increasingly anxious, which culminated in me only driving 3 times in the past 4 years. I stopped altogether because I was so scared & anxious that I didn't want to put myself & others in danger.
I never thought it would be possible for me to get better but it got to a point where I needed to improve because it was taking over my life - I was constantly thinking about it & I felt so disappointed in myself.
I am amazed at how much I have changed with 4 sessions. I was very sceptical & could not believe that it would work on me, but it did!
I am now confident, happy & actually enjoy driving! I also feel like I'm a better driver because Michael improved my driving technique as well as getting rid of my anxiety & all the over-thinking I did (about driving & in other aspects of my life too).
I would recommend these sessions to anybody as they really work, make you feel completely at ease & are very enjoyable. Thank you so much for all your help!"
Before doing the anxiety course with Michael I felt so overwhelmed and would cry when I was just thinking or talking about driving. I booked the course, and I was sceptical about the course to start with because I had got myself in such a state over driving and learning to drive plus an intense fear of driving and being on the roads and in accidents or causing accidents that I thought I would never improve.
Michael was so kind and understanding and helped me totally rebuild my confidence - you can tell he enjoys his work and wants to make a difference
I learnt more on the 4 day course with Michael than I did in 50 plus hours of learning with a regular driving instructor (of which only reinforced my fear and bad habits).
Michaels techniques helped me untangle my brain and opened my eyes to how enjoyable driving can be and how easy it is. If you are anxious, fearsome, or an over thinker then I gurantee this course will benefit you in more ways than just the driving!
For the millionth time THANK YOU Michael - my family have noticed a huge difference in me and have said it is like driving with a totally different person behind the wheel. I cannot recommend the anxiety course highly enough! Make the first step by reaching out to Michael and he will guide and work with you from there on!
Prior to taking this course with Michael driving was my worst nightmare. I literally couldn't think of anything worse!.
Michael has changed that, and more! I am now confident driving, no more anxiety and can actually hold a conversation and be laughing while driving safely too!
If you feel bad, fearsome or anxious about driving then do this course!
Just listen and believe everything Michael says and work with his techniques and training and it will be the best decision you ever made!I personally can't thank Michael enough! One word sums up Michael - Awesome!
"This is a truly transformational training course! Having passed the driving test after several attempts many years ago, by the end of that process my confidence in driving was almost zero and I totally hated driving.
After a few brief attempts to drive I realised this was not improving and I needed to overcome the fear of driving I had built up over many years and thankfully I found Michael at MJ Driving School.
The Positive Mind Training and Driver Training that totally simplifies driving Michael delivers in such a light hearted, friendly and professional manner have absolutely transformed my attitude, skill level and approach to driving.

The training course is unbelievably brilliant and you will really surprise yourself at just how well you too can actually drive, anywhere

Thank you so very much - the sessions have been excellent and my fear has now become a pleasure!"