Instructor Training Reviews

Reviews of Driving Instructor Training From MJ Driving School Leeds


I have just passed my ADI Part 3 Standards Test and I thank you Michael so much for your training, expertise, professional help and support. Massive help!
Thank you so much Michael for your help and training towards my recent standards check. As ever, I was really nervous and worried about it, however I followed your training and guidance and received a top mark of 48 and Grade A - a massive thank you for your spot-on help - and you made it so simple too - Thank you!
"Michael is a brilliant driving instructor trainer - he got me fully qualified easily and quickly, he is very knowledgeable and highly experienced.

His training techniques makes it easy and simple to understand. As well as getting me through my ADI qualifying exams he has massively helped me with my Check Tests and Standards Check - spot on!
I was hesitant initially whilst looking and didn't want to go with a large driving school who promise this and promise that if you pay lots of money.
I found MJ Instructor training on the Internet and rang them. What did come across straight away was that the focus was on the training and not the money to pay and this made me feel very comfortable.
I therefore did my training with Michael which was absolutely fantastic and passed all three parts first time!
So having just passed my part 3 exam I am now a fully qualified driving instructor and I would definitely recommend MJ Instructor Training without any hesitation.
I had recently failed my Part 3 Standards check test twice and then came to Michael for some training after several people recommended him.

I am so happy as I now passed the ADI Part 3 with a Grade A - Michael's training is far superior to any other training I had before plus he makes is much easier!

Avoid the same problems I had and book your training with Michael in the first place!
I passed the Part 3 first time in October 2015 with a five in phase 1 and a four in phase 2. The examiner was very complimentary again about the skills I displayed and said he was looking forward to seeing my development on the check test.

With the help and support of Michael, his amazing insight into the industry and his first-class instruction techniques I have gone from unqualified to a fully qualified driving instructor with a green badge in less than 16 weeks.

The amazing training and instructional techniques from Mike have made the journey enjoyable and possible.

If you’re looking for an Instructor Trainer who will work with you to make you the best you can be then you have found them, and your search is over.