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Become a Successful and Profitable Driving School

If you are really serious about wanting to be a success as a driving instructor or running your own driving school please read on

- if your not, please don't read on


We are all too aware of many driving schools and instructors that have been 'sold' the training course to become a driving instructor and subsequently find that they are trapped in a situation where they are paying out loads of money to a driving school for a franchise, charging far too little for driving lessons and / or simply not filling their diaries with enough work!


The industry has changed - in many ways for the worse - however, you can still succeed!


My Guarantee to You - Your business improves or your money back!

You can book a standard 1 Day development day or call for bespoke training and development for your own specific needs

I have worked at all levels of the driver training industry - from a franchise with a large national school, to being independent on own, to running a large regional driving school of over 70 cars and instructors. In addition have been highly involved in training new driving instructors as an ORDIT Principal Trainer - training over 450 instructors across the UK and also assisting many who were struggling at becoming qualified, especially at the part 3 exam.

I have gained experience at successfuly running both small and large driving schools; understanding the market fully, how to advertise, marketing, how to sell, telesales and much more as well as train for check tests and CPD. I personally have gained a top grade 6 for 

4 check tests in a row and a top marks Grade A at the New Standards Check 

Due to how the industry changed through the early part of this century and through bad timing of property investment I left the industry at the end of 2009.

I worked in marketing, video marketing and also training and assisting new small and

medium sized business from inception to expansion for 2 years. Throughout this period

I was still in demand for Driving Instructor Training Courses, Rescue Part 3 Training and Check Test / Standards Check Training.

In this 2 year period I also trained and became a Certified NLP Practiotioner - which hugely helps with training techniques and enuring your pupil learns easier and your job is easier

After 2 years out of the driver training industry I actually missed working in the industry,

the one to one training and experiencing the development of either a trainee driving

instructor or a learner driver (having said that, I hadn't actually taught many learner

drivers for over 12 years - I was mainly invlolved in instructor training, check test training,

fleet training and business marketing etc) - so in January 2012 I decided to set myself up again - independently - offering mainly driving lessons and intensive courses, as well as instructor training, check test training and so on.

I was very apprehensive - especially hearing so many horror stories from instructors not earning money, charging £9 per hour and paying franchises for no work etc.

Within 2 months I was Amazed!! 

I had built a full diary , and consistently maintained a full diary - over 35 hours; charging £22 per hour and struggling to fit all my clients in! And did no paid advertising! 

Every time I visited the driving test centre I would still hear the same from the instructors - no work! Costs too high! Lesson fees too low! Franchises a waste of money!

After 6 months I could not cope with the demand so took on another instructor (yes, paying me a weekly fee). I spent many hours helping, developing and training the instructor to become really good at training and even more confident at his job - he has never looked back - full diary, and a better instructor with better results and finds teaching even easier and more effective. I now have a large team of instructors and a demand that we can't keep up to - more instructors are required - which I will train with my techniques

Having being in the industry for 24 years it actually hurts and upsets me as to how many people have been ripped off, or are struggling so much to make ends meet that I have now decided to help any driving instructor who wants to be successful - i mean successful in both their training and making their business busy and successful financially too!

When I re started in January 2012 and for the whole of the time since I re started I have spent £0 - yes, that's zero £'s on advertising!! And I still gained a full diary within 2 months and have maintained that ever since! I still spend zero on advertising!

I now charge between £30 and £40 per hour I work! 

My diary is always full with a waiting list

I now have a huge demand plus a large team instructors who use my techniques and are

also full, busy, in demand and are buzzing with the training techniques

How do I do it?

How do I make it happen while hundreds of others struggle and strive for success?

Would you like to either join the team or learn for yourself?

Well, if you want to know and learn how to be successful and profitable I am now offering a full day training course to give you the chance for the same success! What you will pay me for the training is many times more effective spending than any advertising.

I have developed a full day course for those who want to really be successful, earn the right income, keep expenses to a minimum, maintain a strong diary, find teaching and training easier and be happy in their work.

If you really want to be successful and run your driving school business profitably, easily, teach better, get better results, have more clients and bookings, charge more per hour and continue to be successful contact me now to book your full day - it will change your

working life!

How much? Only £245 for a full day or £450 for a 2 day course - depending on your needs

Or join our team and learn for nothing!

What will you get? What is included? How will you benefit?

A very full, busy day and learn loads!! 

Ask yourself - what real return would you gain from £245 worth of advertising?

Probably very little or even nothing!


Learn how to run your own driving school without paying a franchise


How to advertise and market yourself - for virtually no cost!


How to make your teaching and training easier - for you and your learners


How to charge more per hour


How to gain more pupils


How to run your business profitably


How to earn more from additional industry related incomes 


How to get a better check test grade


How to teach easier - make your teaching far more effective and easier for you


Make it easier for learners to learn


How to turn a telephone enquiry in to a booking - without giving a lesson away for free!


Develop question and answer techniques while on lessons to develop the learner better


Use coaching techniques to make learning more effective for the learner and easier for you to teach

How to use psychology and proven mind techniques on the phone and on lessons


Use NLP techniques both in teaching and running your business

How to build a website and use the internet


How to provide everything for the learner at virtually no cost


How to gain more recommendations


How to look, act and sound professional and impress the learner


How to run your diary more efficiently

How to reduce number of cancellations

How not to lose out financially on any cancellations

How to advertise your services effectively for little or no cost


Learn how to expand and have instructors working for you - only if you wish

Once you have experienced the full training day or 2 days and set out with regained confidence, massess of knowledge and a new hunger for success you will be so fired up that you won't know what has happened - what you will find, over a short period of time, is a huge difference in all that you do and the results of your work will only improve you, your working day and the success of your business, so if you desire the succes that many are not experiencing contact me today; if you don't desire the success please don't contact and I wish you good luck in your business.

For obvious reasons I do not wish to put myself out of business and have too many highly successful 'competitors' in the same working area so I am limiting the number of people / instructors that I will train over any given year in my own city (Leeds). Instructors for other areas of the UK there is no limit

Michael J Stanhope BA(Hons)

Grade 6 DSA Approved Driving Instructor

Grade A DVSA Approved Driving Instructor

Diploma in Driving Instruction

DIA Diamond Advanced Motorist

Institute of Advanced Motorist

Certified NLP Practitioner



Michael on 07720 396 100



* The fee of £245 for the full day of development starts at 09.30 and finishes late, so don't book any other work

or lessons at all on the training day!

The fee covers tea / coffee / soft drinks - it doesn't cover food - so a lunch break is allocated for 45 mins to 60 mins - either bring your own or sandwich shop nearby.

I like you to bring a list of areas you want to improve on as well as the above list