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The Driving Test is often talked about as one of the most stressful and

nerve wracking things we do! 

I simply do not agree!

If I look at most of my pupils and their driving tests over the last few years I genuinely do not think they had problems with nerves!

What Is The Driving Test?

The Driving Test Is Not a 'Test' - It's Your Opportunity to Proudly Demonstrate (Show Off) Your New Learned and Mastered Life Skill of Driving a Car!

Most pupils say they are nervous prior to the test, however once they are on the test they are not as nervous and simply do the job of driving - and the vast majority pass pretty easily, usually on the first attempt, with only a small number of minor faults.

Being nervous prior to the test is in fact good - the body is producing extra energy or adrenaline to assist you in being safe and performing well - you just need to use it!

So, why do so many in the UK seem to be extremely nervous and subsequently blame their nerves for failing the test?

Well, having helped a lot of learner drivers to pass who have previously had several attempts at the driving the test before I met them, I can certainly understand why they had previously failed

The Most Common Reasons Why People Fail The Driving Test

They simply were not ready

They don't understand how to drive properly

Thinking about what they have done - not what they need to do next

Thinking about the car, the gears, other people, the mirrors, etc etc

Not using their eyes and brain - in unison

Prior to test still relying on being told what to do by their instructor

In Reality You Only Fail a Driving Test if:

You make a dangerous or potentially dangerous driving error!

So, all the many stories you may hear, or magic fixes or potions or lotions that 'make' people pass are simply not true!

If you think that taking something to calm your nerves will help - you are probably going to fail the driving test - Why? Because you think you are going to fail - Why? Because your brain tells you that you are going to do something you are not prepared for - it is your brain's safety mechanism kicking in - hence you feel nervous, or anxious or even get in to a panic. Your brain goes in to panic when it doesn't know what to do!

So, How Can You Prepare To Pass The Driving Test?

Receive Proper Driver Training!

There are thousands of driving instructors and driving schools out there that are happy to take your money and 'tell' you what to do to pass the driving test

Unfortunately, there are not many driving instructors who train you properly and subsequently you will have a high chance of failing the driving test

At the beginning of the driving test you start with a 'Full Driving Licence'  - You simply have keep that driving licence by not making serious errors over about 45 minutes

If your eyes and brain are only focussed at 'working out what to do next, correctly' how can you make a mistake (or fail)?

Using your eyes and brain in unison, through proper driver training, allows you to work out what to do next at the right speed and using the safe, available space on the road -

it's easy!

What Is Proper Driver Training?

Proper driving / driver training develops you and your brain to drive properly!

If you drive properly you won't make a dangerous or potentially dangerous error!

Proper driver training focuses on initially assisting you, through coaching techniques, to become confident with the controls of the car.

This would be followed by coaching and developing the correct routines and order to drive correctly and safely and that these routines become automatic in your mind (For example Mirror, Signal......... )

When we use the term 'coaching' here we mean not telling you what to do - using correct training techniques that 'make' you work out the controls, 'learn' the controls, become confident with the controls and also to work the correct / safest routines.

If the learning process and end result has been built in your own mind then your brain has all the information to hand to know what to do to control the car for any given situation - all you need to do is to learn how to find the information at the right time to 'feed' your brain then be able to ultimately, automatically, perform any driving excercise that be presented to you - including the driving test.

We then train you how to work out and know 'what to do next' so nothing can go wrong

Our specialist driver training techniques make driving as easy as walking through the town centre - and I guess you don't normally 'crash' in to people or things then

To reach the stage where everything is automatic and mistakes don't happen then you know you have mastered driving and will easily pass the driving test

A proper driving instructor will train you properly to use your eyes and brain in unison to intuitively know what to do in any situation then simply automatically do it

It is a fact that any accident, or driving error is down to:

Someone being in the wrong place or being at the wrong speed  or a mix of both

Or mechanical breakdown of the vehicle (which is extremely rare with modern vehicles)

Real, Proper Driver Training

From years of experience in driver training, instructor training, driver coaching, driver development, psychology, understanding teaching, training and learning techniques, NLP, and mind training we use our specially developed techniques to train you that ensures you are not in the wrong place or at the wrong speed - How?

By using your eyes and brain!! Easy!

So, once you have gained confidence with the car control - changing gears, setting off, stopping, steering, clutch control etc with the right training and coaching you will become a good, confident and safe driver

Using our techniques we train drivers to use their eyes and brain to only work out what to do next!

Think about it - if you have worked out correctly what to do next while driving how can it go wrong?

So, we train your brain to have the right answers

We train your eyes to find the information

We train you to work out what to do next


Then, like a sports person, we get your eyes and brain 'In The Zone' in preparation for the driving test - then you can't make a mistake and will feel calm and confident

Ultimately you only need to be thinking of 3 things while driving:

Where is the next safe available space?

What speed should I be driving at?

What do I need to do next?

You easily work out all these things simply with your eyes and brain!!

We will train your eyes and brain to work properly with our amazing techniques

Many people think of lots of other things while driving, learning, or on test, for example they think of gears, or what they have just done, or what if..., or they are thinking of other people - not what they should be doing next - working out their space and speed - if they are not thinking about their space or speed they will make a mistake!

We will train you to become very good and efficient at working out your space, your speed and what to do next until you become confident at it - then driving is easy and so is passing the driving test!

I have been totally amazed by how many people who have come for training following failing several driving tests and once I have watched them driving it was obvious they were going to fail - they would make so many mistakes simply because their eyes weren't working so they didn't have the information to know what to do next


Once I developed their eyes properly and brain (knowledge) they are usually quite amazed how easy driving becomes and how much more confident they felt

So many pupils who used to fail tests due to being nervous actually did that! Fail - their nerves didn't hold up! They were nervous because their brains were in a panic! Realistically they didn't know what to do or how to drive

If they had been trained properly to use and trust their eyes and brain properly they would not be as nervous - or certainly not fail a test for nerves! 

More recently I have trained some experienced driving instructors to understand and use the right training techniques and they too experience lots of first time test passes with just a small amount of minor faults - the instructors are actually quite amazed themselves! Luckily most of these instructors also work here at MJ Driving School

Our techniques, which combine all the best training practices, plus more, actually make it easier and quicker for you to learn to drive too!

If you would like to learn how to drive properly, be confident behind the wheel, not make mistakes, become a competent and intuitive safe driver plus easily pass the driving test without all the extreme panic or nerves then simply contact us

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We will be happy to train you properly!

MJ Driving School owner, Michael assists people with full licences or leanners who have developed a fear, anxiety  or phobia of driving or become anxious while driving.


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Thoughts to Remember:

The Driving Test Is Not a 'Test' - It is Your Opportunity to Proudly Demonstrate (Show Off) Your New Learned and Mastered Life Skill

At the beginning of the driving test you start with a 'Full Driving Licence' - You simply have keep that driving licence by not making and dangerous or serious errors over about 45 minutes - how?

By Using Your Eyes and Brain and working out 'what to do next' to make sure nothing goes wrong - work out your safe space and the right speed!