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Nervous About The Driving Test? 


"I would highly recommend MJ Driving School if you want First Class instructors and service. My instructor was amazing - helped me gain confidence and made learning to drive feel easy. Thank you MJ for

a really great experience and helping me pass

my driving test

First Time!"

Lucy Taylor

"The best driving instructor any type of learner could ask for.....I very highly recommend MJ Driving School"

Chloe Brotherton

"Thanks for helping me pass my driving test first time MJ Driving School. Your great teaching methods made it really easy to learn, and fun too, plus you filled me with confidence right from the start! Thank you"

Lucy Campbell


"Before finding MJ Driving School I had several driving test attempts with several other driving schools - non seemed to be able to get me confident or have the skills needed to pass the test, never mind be a good driver!

 Following a course of lessons with MJ Driving School I easily passed the driving test with only 3 minor faults - and I didn't even feel nervous on test - it seemed so easy!

 The techniques MJ uses to train you are totally different and amazing compared to those of any other instructor and within a short period of time I totally 'got it' and found driving easy plus I felt really confident - hence passing my driving test easily!

I now feel very confident in driving and I know I have been trained properly - I simply couldn't have wished for a better driving instructor - wish I had met him years ago!!

 I am forever grateful!!"

 Meena Sanbhi, 

"MJ is a really great driving school! My instructor made me feel very comfortable and confident driving a car in any situation and i'm so pleased he got me to pass my driving test first time! I would highly recommend

MJ Driving School anyday!"

     Sophie Lister

"If you want to be a safe, confident and excellent driver, MJ Driving is most definitely your place! 

I would have no hesitation in recommending MJ Driving School to anyone who wants to be a great driver"

 Andy Roberts

"I've just had driving lessons with MJ Driving School - I have learnt how to drive properly and with confidence plus how to be relaxed and really enjoy driving! 

I am now so happy to have passed my driving test first time!!

 I can say, with total confidence, that MJ is the best driving school around and I would and will happily recommend them to anyone!

Aine Ruddy


184 021


0800 612 89 23

0113 269 3447

"If you want to learn to drive properly and become a really good driver you should learn to drive with MJ Driving School - they really are the best, help you loads, and great fun too!

 Thanks for helping me pass my driving test easily "

 Kieran Smythe

"I would most definitely recommend MJ Driving School to anyone who wants a really good, highly qualified driving instructor who knows what they are doing!!

MJ taught and explained to me exactly how to drive a car correctly; he made it really easy and simple to understand, which allowed my confidence to build far more than ever before, and subsequently I am so happy that I have now passed my driving test on my first attempt!!

Thank you!"

 Rayniece Holding


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184 021



612 89 23


269 3447

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a Driving Instructor

"MJ Driving School has simply been brilliant, right from the start to passing my driving test first time!

My instructor changed me from being a nervous learner driver with no confidence to a really good, confident and safe driver.

 I thoroughly enjoyed all the lessons and learning process and especially the end result of passing my test first time - I would highly recommend MJ Driving School to anyone"

 Ben Robertson

"I'm so happy to have passed my driving test First Time - Thanks to my MJ Driving Instructor- The Best Driving School, Ever! I would most definitely highly recommend MJ Driving School"

 Philippa Priestley

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Driving Lessons Leeds


MJ Driving School Leeds

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Advanced Driving Leeds - Advanced Driver Training Leeds



MJ Driving School Leeds


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Advanced Driving


Driving Lessons Leeds


Acquiring and learning advanced driving techniques and skills are a huge benefit to anyone who drives a car regularly! 


The main aim is to train and coach you to be able to make the right decisions for the next thing you need to do while driving, before you even get there - which makes you safer, better, smoother, more confident and more in control.


You will be trained to really read the road ahead, approach corners and bends effeciently, deal with junctions and roundabouts smoother, safer and more efficiently. Generally making the right decisions sooner!


The benefits are:


  • Safer - Less accidents
  • More efficient and fuel saving motoring
  • Time saving - actually arrive there sooner!
  • Smoother, more comfortable
  • Less effort on car - car lasts longer / less mechanical stress
  • Less stress on the driver
  • Satisfaction and pride


When training learner drivers some advanced driving techniques are built in to ensure a high standard of driver, that will be safe and confident. This is one reason why such a high percentage of our learners pass their driving test, easily, first time!


All Advanced Driver Training is provided by one of the top driver trainers in the UK:


Michael J Stanhope BA(Hons)

DSA ADI Top Grade 6

DVSA Top Grade A

Diploma in Driving Instruction

DIA Diamond Advanced

Institute of Advanced Motorist (IAM)

Certified NLP Practitioner



I encourage all drivers to improve their own skills and remain safe and confident behind a wheel. Improving your driving skills saves you money and time and helps you become less stressed while driving as well as more confident and safer!


You can take your driving skills to whatever level you wish.


Simply learn some fuel saving techniques, to improving your overall driving skills and make your driving easier and more comfortable. You can even gain recognition and take an advanced driving test.


Whatever level you wish to achieve I can help you.  


Once you have taken a course of advanced driver training sessions you will enjoy driving even more, feel more confident, more relaxed and more in control.


All levels of training will receive a certificate of advanced driving from MJ Driving if required


If you wish to take an advanced driving test, such as Institute of Advanced Motorist or DIA Diamond Advanced I am happy to train you and help you through the process



All advanced driver training commences with an intial assessment of your current driving style and an introduction to some of the advanced driving techniques and methods. The assessment is only £30 for an hour and half session.


Advanced driver training sessions are subsequently charged at £35 per hour or only £65 for 2 hour sessions



Contact us on 07496 184 021 or 0800 612 89 23 for more information or for booking


For information on Driving Lessons Leeds follow this link