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Acquiring and learning advanced driving techniques and skills are a huge benefit to anyone who drives a car regularly! 


The main aim is to train and coach you to be able to make the right decisions for the next thing you need to do while driving, before you even get there - which makes you safer, better, smoother, more confident and more in control.


You will be trained to really read the road ahead, approach corners and bends effeciently, deal with junctions and roundabouts smoother, safer and more efficiently. Generally making the right decisions sooner!

The benefits are:

  • Safer - Less accidents
  • More efficient and fuel saving motoring
  • Time saving - actually arrive there sooner!
  • Smoother, more comfortable
  • Less effort on car - car lasts longer / less mechanical stress
  • Less stress on the driver
  • Satisfaction and pride

When training learner drivers some advanced driving techniques are built in to ensure a high standard of driver, that will be safe and confident. This is one reason why such a high percentage of our learners pass their driving test, easily, first time!


All Advanced Driver Training is provided by one of the top driver trainers in the UK:


Michael J Stanhope BA(Hons)

DSA ADI Top Grade 6

DVSA Top Grade A

Diploma in Driving Instruction

DIA Diamond Advanced

Institute of Advanced Motorist (IAM)

Certified NLP Practitioner


I encourage all drivers to improve their own skills and remain safe and confident behind a wheel. Improving your driving skills saves you money and time and helps you become less stressed while driving as well as more confident and safer!


You can take your driving skills to whatever level you wish.


Simply learn some fuel saving techniques, to improving your overall driving skills and make your driving easier and more comfortable. You can even gain recognition and take an advanced driving test.


Whatever level you wish to achieve I can help you.  


Once you have taken a course of advanced driver training sessions you will enjoy driving even more, feel more confident, more relaxed and more in control.


All levels of training will receive a certificate of advanced driving from MJ Driving if required


If you wish to take an advanced driving test, such as Institute of Advanced Motorist or DIA Diamond Advanced I am happy to train you and help you through the process


All advanced driver training commences with an intial assessment of your current driving style and an introduction to some of the advanced driving techniques and methods. The assessment is only £45 for an hour and half session.


Advanced driver training sessions are £75 for 2 hour sessions 


Contact us on 07496 184 021 or 0800 612 89 23 for more information or for booking


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